Like the Home Depot :)

So excited to start the first day with the Krystyna’s Fit Chicks group! Most of the group members are close friends or family so it is SO awesome to be part of a group that knows me, supports me, and encourages me. And the best part is I’m not doing this on my own. My number one supporter is my husband and I couldn’t do this without him (seriously, I’ve tried) but having a community of trusted women there for me too and something we can share in together? THAT’S pretty awesome! Also shout out to my friend Krystyna Freeman whose courage to share her own journey encouraged me to do the same! Check her out for all your Beachbody needs!10006598_10101667833046295_6760129914367573248_n


2 thoughts on “Like the Home Depot :)

  1. Good Job Krissy! Lets crush this together, i’m always here for you if you need anything. Lets try to start planning fun things for us to do together once a month, like swimming somewhere or I know you like to go ice skating. whatever works for you. love you.


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