Case of the Mondays on Tuesday

FullSizeRenderLook at my delicious supper! Morey’s marinated salmon (B- on Fooducate but I do love the flavor from the marinade) and my favorite roasted broccoli! Apparently I’m one of those people who constantly take pictures of what they are eating but I can’t help it especially now that I got new plates for Christmas from my family! I’ve been wanting to write something all day but I wanted to wait until after I got my work out in so I could be all super-girl like on here. But as the day wears on I don’t think I’ll be doing that workout unless I say that I will on here for the world to see and then by default have no choice but to follow through and be accountable.

Last week the workouts were rolling off my back like water on a duck but this week with the bitter cold it’s been a different story. Last week when it was warm (I’m talking like mid 20’s…I’m so mid-western 🙂 I would take our dog Jackson out for a walk and play with him at the park. Then I’d come home and do my workout right away. It was kind of like my warm up. I wouldn’t feel like working out but after my walk and my body loosened up and I had a little bit more pep in my step it was way easier. Now that it’s colder and we can’t go for a walk right now it’s been a big struggle to get up and do that workout. I’m also in the middle of a friendly competition/bet with my high school BFF to see who can get the most workouts done in a month. Today when she sent me her creds we officially tied. On the line is a free mani or pedi and let me tell you folks I could use one! Without her knowing if I got my butt off the couch or not today and without you all reading and watching I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have bothered with it today. But since that isn’t the case I will go now and get it done! I just wanted to be lazy but today I won’t let myself. #carryon


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