This dog though

CollageI didn’t want a dog when my husband Mitchell did but I understand how and why we came to have Jackson. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life so I understand just how much care and time actually goes into taking care of a dog. My husband did not have much experience with dogs and so he enthusiastically told me, “oh yeah I’ll take him for walks and bathe him and take great care of him.” Fast forward two years later and here I am at home alone this week with our big whiner. He’s barked all of five times the entire time we’ve had him but oh boy can he whine! And groans and whines and whines and groans some more! He’s also always on my nerves, forever in my grill, and I have yet to experience what it’s like to go to the bathroom alone at this house. One day I thought I had him because he was in the middle of his bunny chasing dreams when I escaped to the latrine. I had my pants down all ready to get to business when his nose smacks the door open and he came trotting in like, “woah! I almost lost you there for a second!”

Anyway, he has been whining at me all day and even though the weather was finally warm enough for a walk I try to put it off until after it gets dark because halfway through our walk I unleash him and let him run at the huge park by our house. (This is a no no technically hence why we wait for dark but it’s 90% fenced in and no one is ever around.) It’s a big hassle getting him into his doggie boots because on one hand he hates them and is of no help putting them on but on the other hand he knows we are going for a walk and is so excited he can barely contain himself. His tail is thumping wildly and he rolls onto his back and paws the air. But we finally get him ready to go and I get my ugly warm walking coat on with mismatching hat and scarf and we take off. He practically drags me along because he knows where to go and halfway there we end up jogging because he’s just so excited. Finally we arrive at the big park and I unhook him and off he goes. He’s got to be going at least 30 miles an hour running in huge circles. He sprints towards me and two of his booties come flying off. He circles me twice before flying off again. After all the hassle it has been, this moment is actually worth it for both of us. He is pure joy and it’s contagious. And despite all the stupid things that annoy me about him I am hopelessly in love with him. I have Mitchell fully supporting me with the food aspect and as long as it’s even halfway decent weather I have Jackson there to support me/drag me into exercise.


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