Forget Manpower

  Buying our first home this fall was really exciting for us. We couldn’t wait to make it our own and to take care of something that was ours. The doctor says for now M isn’t supposed to shovel because the repetitive motion can easily throw his back out. That chore then falls to me. 

I enjoy shoveling. I used to go to my mom and sisters houses and shovel their decks and driveways (usually with my niece as a fun energy burning activity) and I always rather enjoyed it. Beautiful snow, a little exercise, and the freedom to choose if and when I wanted to do it. Well after this winter the blooms a bit off the rose with that one!

 When we first started comparing our home to the others in the neighborhood (because who doesn’t do that?) we felt lucky to see that we had the only two car cement driveway on the whole block! All that extra space for friends and family so they don’t have to park on the street. Well after three inches of blowing snow makes a two foot tall drift in your driveway you no longer feel so lucky! As much as I don’t necessarily mind getting off my rear to do the job it’s the -20 degree windchill that really sours the experience. Gone are the fun 30 degree sunshine “fun shovels” with my niece. And because I hate doing laundry just slightly more than I hate being cold I risk going out dressed in my leggings. (To note I don’t reccomend this, it’s for the truly insane or truly anti-laundry and since I’m a little of both out the door I go in leggings). Well as you can imagine that idea didn’t last long. Back inside I came to look for appropriate pants and I can up with nothing but for a pair of my husbands hunting pants. My neighbors probably think I’m wardrobe challenged after seeing all my outdoor wear so far this year (earlier in the fall while doing yard work I would wear my yard shirt which is my dads old blue faded too big for me button up Hawaiian shirt). I start shoveling the mountain before me all while enviously eyeing what’s-his-name up the street and his jolly snowblower. Push, scoop, lift, throw repeat. It’s hard work in the freezing cold but it’s amazing what some girl power can do! Seventy-five minutes later I stood back to admire a beautifully shoveled (double!) driveway and the whole stretch of sidewalk we are responsible for. I did it! My Fitbit is buzzing with pride as well as I reached and surpassed my step goal for the day. I decide to celebrate with a nice cup of hot chocolate all while admiring my newly cleaned driveway from inside the warm house. Job well done.


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