Getting Back on Track


On Sunday my brother and sister-in-law came to our house to visit. It has been a long long time since the four of us have had the chance to spend so much alone time together. Usually we only see each other during holidays or other family functions when there are other relatives around. It was so nice to have them all to ourselves especially since they recently told us they would be moving across the country very soon. M and I knew that the days that they were here weren’t going to have much moderation. Yes, we could have called them up before hand and said, “hey we are really working on what we are eating and staying on target” and I know they would have been absolutely supportive and agree to eat whatever we ate. But somehow we understood that this time is different. We aren’t just on a quick diet to lose weight and then go back to our regular old ways. We truly mean this to be a lifestyle change and while in the beginning of this new journey we want to start off more like a diet to keep us on the straight and narrow a diet truly isn’t what we want to accomplish. We are looking for longevity. We also believe food and drink are a part of life and celebrations. So I cooked the delicious (and a little bit decadent) meals my brother-in-law requested and we drank beer and whiskey all while having an amazing time together playing board games and Nintendo.

We did have two rules for ourselves while they were here. Rule number one was to try and listen to your body as much as possible. Don’t necessarily worry about what you are eating but listen to your stomach when it says it is full. Rule number two was even though it’s going to suck to see how much we ate we still have to track everything. Every bite every drink. Neither of our Fitbits were very happy with us we both had big red x’s all four days but we tracked it anyway. But we didn’t let ourselves beat us up. We told ourselves it was okay.

They left to go back home last night and today my hubby left for work with his water bottles, and packed lunches and snacks. This morning I woke up, did my workout and had my Shakeology ready to go back to our new ways. I truly believe life is about moderation not deprivation. We were successful not because we beat ourselves up and made ourselves feel bad for the choices we made but because we said it was alright and that we had a plan in place.  I am happy we indulged and enjoyed ourselves during their visit. But I am so happy we were right back at it today ready to continue on this adventure not a diet.


One thought on “Getting Back on Track

  1. Thanks for sharing this Kristina! I needed the reminder that it’s ok to enjoy a bit of “non-diet” food and that I don’t need to beat myself up about it all the time. 🙂


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