Weekend Struggles

I’ve been to the dark side. I indulged quite a bit over the past few days but I am still proud of the small accomplishments I’ve had during that time. Let me rewind a bit and bring you back to last Friday. M and I both worked that day and had done really well with following our “diet.” We’ve been out to eat before on this new adventure and always planned ahead and everything goes just fine. We eat the smart choices and don’t eat too much. We decided since it was a Friday to go out to eat. The last time we went out we had a Shakeology before leaving the house to help fill up the tummy without filling up the calories. This time we did not and I think that was a poor decision on our end, not because we ate too much but because neither of us had had that much to eat that day (not on purpose but that is just how our schedules happened to be that day) and we had a lot of containers/calories to use. And we used them all up in that meal. It was a delicious meal and we left the restaurant feeling very satisfied. The problem came later that night. Some of those old cravings came back and came back with a vengeance.

We knew that our bodies were full, after all we had just had a big meal mere hours before. But our minds were saying, “order pizza! Make some oil popcorn! How about some chips?” I think our minds had gone back to how it used to be, i.e: going out to eat, ordering a big meal, coming home having whatever kind of snack we wanted. We used to live in a very ignorance is bliss state of mind. We never thought about what we ate, we just ate it. Now that’s not to say we didn’t eat healthy foods because we did but it wasn’t the careful mindful proportions of all foods like it is now. My hubby broke down and had a snack. He was pissy about it but he did not eat junk food. He had 2 oranges and string cheese. I think the only reason we muddled through that desire to have junk was because of this blog. I kept saying to M, “what am I supposed to say on the blog? I can’t lie and I certainly can’t tell them I went out to eat AND ordered pizza!” So I did not have any snacks. And I’ll be honest it sucked. But the next morning I was so glad that we didn’t. We had company coming over Sunday afternoon and we knew that food would be a struggle while the company was visiting and had we given in Friday night I know we would have just kept giving in the whole weekend until after our in-laws left. Saturday wasn’t as easy as the previous two weeks had been with food in terms of feeling satisfied with what we ate but we powered through and kept on track until Sunday afternoon. A struggle those two days were but victories none the less.


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