Brussels Sprouts for Days 

 Today I made M’s favorite dish Prosciutto pesto chicken with spicy Brussels sprouts and it was YUMmy! I found the recipe on Pinterest here: I just happen to use Brussels sprouts instead of asparagus. It’s funny how I used to think Mondays were the “hard” days. Mondays used to be the, “ugh! I have to get my life together and eat right and workout and it F-ing sucks!” I was always focused on how much it sucked. Now Monday’s are usually our best day. We wake up ready to crush the week. Now our “hard” days are the weekends when it’s harder to stay on track. Eating healthier is now easier than stressing about naughty foods.

Monday’s workout today was supposed to be Cize but wow I had no idea it was going to be so dang tricky!! Hats off to any of you that can even finish 5 minutes!  I was lost and way too frustrated so I quit BUT I immediately switched and tried another workout from Shaun T called Rockin’ body. And that one was way more my style and just a lot of fun. So cheers to Mondays and kicking some ass. 🙂


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