The Picture of Success


If I am counting now (including tonight) this blog will have saved me from myself four times and there in itself is all I could have asked for with this whole blogging adventure. We came so close to caving in tonight to the craving monster. We played Russian Roulette and watched The Food Network and suddenly we were desperately hungry for thick, fluffy, golden, scrumptious french toast. What can I say, we like to live dangerously I guess! This all shook down around 7:30 even after we had a delicious and healthy supper of pork chops, roasted broccoli, and strawberry vinaigrette salad. We clearly were not hungry but it is quite amazing the power of persuasion. And again the biggest reason I said no was because how could I write about that!?

Instead M and I decided to separate so neither of us could tempt the other into giving in. He went into his office to get some work done and I decided to tackle the mountain of dishes I’ve been avoiding. I slipped in my ear buds and played my new favorite “music.” There is an app in the itunes store called Naturespace and it is full of high quality “3D sounds” taken from nature. Some of the sounds like the trickling river have very low musical instrument accompaniment. However most of them like my favorite titled “Loki” are taken straight from nature. If you listen to it without headphones through your phone’s speaker it sounds like nothing special. But put in the earbuds and WOW! It literally feels like you are in that place in time. My favorite has frogs and crickets singing during a thunderstorm. It is totally zen. So I listen to my Naturespace and I take time by myself to melt away all thought all while doing a chore. When I finished the dishes I was relaxed and feeling great and I couldn’t believe an hour had passed. I just had to take a picture of the success of the day. Talk about finding new ways to deal with your stress. Instead of coming home from Perkins feeling sludgy like a bottle of thick syrup, I stayed home and was productive. Even better than that it was a choice I could feel proud of.


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