Lunch Break

Do you ever find yourself watching “food porn”? Mostly I do it on Facebook thanks to Tasty and Tip Hero which have short videos that show you all the steps to make insanely delicious looking food. Well I can loose time fantasizing about all the scrumptious food, I don’t know about you.

Last week on Tip Hero I saved a creamy chicken wild rice soup that looked great and I had majority of the ingredients already on hand (I love when that happens). Yesterday when I was doing my planning and prepping Sunday I decided to make this for lunches this week. I did my mise en place (pronounced meez-n-plahs which if you didn’t know is a French term for getting your ingredients together) and started adding them all to the mighty crock pot. In went the wild rice, celery, carrots, onion, spices, chicken, and broth. Three hours later I shredded the chicken and was ready to start the roux. A roux is what adds the creaminess and thickness to certain dishes. It is made mostly out of butter, flour, and milk. I had the butter and flour what I did not have was whole milk. In my refrigerator I had heavy cream and skim milk. Both were from recipes I had used two weeks ago. The heavy cream lasts longer but that skim milk was just on the right side of questionable. I decided to blend them together to make a “whole milk.” And while this may have contributed to my ultimate downfall I really think I over whisked my butter and flour when I should have left it clumpier. Regardless when I mixed it all together it was definitely a letdown. I had created an oxymoron of a soup. It seemed very bland and yet over spiced at the same time. I was bummed. I had eleven cups of sub par soup but whether I liked it or not I was still going to make us eat it!

This morning when I was getting ready for school I packed it up dejectedly but was excited to use my new travel soup crock from Christmas. I thought I’d bring along some crackers to help choke down the tasteless soup. At noon I heated up my soup, took it back to my classroom and went looking for those crackers. They were not in my desk. They were not in my jacket. Ugh! I must have left them in the car. I figured whatever, I’ll just suck it up and eat it without the crackers. I had a spoonful and thought nope this definitely needs a pick me up. At least I’d get some extra steps in going all the way out to the parking lot. I go out and root around in my car before finally taking the hint. I had left them at home! I had to eat the soup just as it was. It was fine. It was food. But it was nothing to write home about. At least I had an apple. I finished up and was cleaning up my desk when I remembered!


I had chocolate!! When I got to work this morning I had this lovely box of chocolates and a card waiting for me. The card read, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what kind of substitute you are going to get. But with you I know I’m getting the very best.” It was so thoughtful and kind and was a great way to start my Monday morning. The hard part was only eating the serving size of 3 pieces. At 170 calories for three you know there is a lot of sugar and bad stuff for you in them. But oh boy it sure was good! I enjoyed every bite.

I think we all have things like this that happen at work. It’s not an environment we can control completely. People are always bringing in donuts or leaving cookies or constantly celebrating some kind of day. Birthday, Earth day, Monday you name it. Resisting it all the time takes the fun out of life. Take the smallest cookie. Skip the donuts today but eat the popcorn tomorrow. Take the frosting off the cupcake. Just be mindful of your choices. And hey, we all have that day when we eat the doughnut and the cookie. Luckily today wasn’t that day for me but I’ve been there. Try not to beat yourself up. Acknowledge it but move on and maybe try and squeeze some extra movement into your day to make up for it.

So I guess all in all I think I ended up breaking even during lunch. 1 cup of crappy soup + 3 pieces of yummy chocolate = lunch. Tomorrow I won’t forget the crackers. 🙂


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