The One Month Mark

Thursday night dinner…One of my favorites: turkey brats with peppers and onions. 
It was a month ago now that M and I had just gotten home from family Christmas and New Years celebrations out in Nebraska. (Side note I miss all my nieces and nephew sooo much!! Auntie loves you!) We had eaten ourselves silly knowing that it was the last time we would be willing to overlook our choices. Our family had officially seen us at our heaviest. We drove home on a Saturday afternoon and although it is an eight hour drive to get back to North Dakota we took an hour long pit stop in Sioux Falls, SD for the best Mexican food they had to offer.  On Sunday we ordered in Chinese food which is my favorite. But Monday, unlike all other Mondays that had come before it would be the real start. The Monday of all Mondays. And it actually was. Although I hate to call what we are doing a “diet” it has been the longest lasting diet that we have been on the entire time we’ve lived together. We want a family someday and hopefully someday sooner rather than later. We want to be healthier not just for ourselves but for each other.

So progress check. The numbers on the scale are going down although we try not to get too hung up on them. With my PCOS it makes weight loss go at a slower pace so if I wait for the scale to reflect my progress/happiness I’m going to give up and say it’s not worth it. Well I’ve done that before and that got me nowhere but heavier still so I try not to focus on it too much anymore. Now we use the scale as a tool to celebrate milestones but that’s about all.

I feel better and so does M but it’s hard to describe in what ways. It feels like all around I’m feeling better, inside and out. I’m not so bloated I don’t think and my pants are looser. M has gone down a pant size and is definitely less bloated. In the beginning I was tracking all his food for him on his Fitbit app. Now he knows how to do that all on his own and checks product labels and researches food chains before eating.

And since it has been a month since I’ve started this new change that means it’s also been a month of my work out challenge with Michele. We have put out a lot of combined sweat over the past month and many sweaty selfie snapchats.


Michele!! Congratulations on coming from behind and kicking my butt. I can’t say this is how I wanted it to go but I’m so happy that we were able to give each other that incentive where there might not have been one at all before. The next time we challenge each other don’t expect to win. 🙂 I will hand over your well deserved prize the next time I see you.

Tell me, how has your month been? What’s working? What needs more work? Any tips or insights for me? Comment below!


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