Chicken Noodle Soup and a Husband for the Win

IMG_5978I had so many exciting things I wanted to share with you all like how I conquered my nieces 6th birthday party weekend which included a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, the Super Bowl, and Monkey Bread. But instead I think I’ll take this time to thank my husband for being such a great partner in life and this adventure we’re on.

I ended up coming down with the stomach flu yesterday and there’s nothing I hate worse than that horrible dilemma of whether this trip to the bathroom is a toilet seat up or down kind of “episode.” I’m just thankful that it wasn’t both at the same time! I felt awful and because of bad weather M couldn’t make it home last night either. I was all alone feeling miserable and I had a fever to boot. I don’t think there is anything better when you are sick than having your mother dote on you. At least my mother who was always a fabulous caregiver. When I first starting living with M I realized he did not posses this skill at all. In fact he just ticked me off because he had no sympathy towards me and carried on with life. I don’t want to be that pathetic sap on the couch who whines about how sick they are but come on aren’t we all a little bit like that? But somehow over the years he’s grown into this amazing caretaker. He goes to the store in the middle of the night for a new box of Kleenex. He fluffs my pillows and refills my juice. My mom did leave me a wonderful worded sympathetic voicemail but I needed my husband to come home and do the dirty work of holding back my hair and kissing my clammy forehead. He checked on me during the night last night and when he was finally able to come back home he stopped at the gas station for Gatorade. Well that gas station didn’t carry Gatorade only Powerade and because he knows me so well and knows that I’d rather have Gatorade he went to a second gas station to find it. And when he came home he couldn’t offer his assistance enough.  For supper he went to the grocery store and found the noodle soup I like and made that with an egg for me to eat. I’m happy to report that I am feeling much better than I did yesterday and am able to keep foods down. And I just want to say thank you to my sweet husband who has been cleaning the house and taking care of me all day. He’s not only there for me today but he’s been my biggest supporter and teammate of this whole healthier living thing too. You are the best. #teammatesforlife


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