Breaking the Rules

  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We spent this weekend of love with my high school best friends (although it’s really more like elementary best friends) and their significant others at a beautiful destination lake home. We started the tradition of couples weekend last year. We rent a cabin or lake home and we all meet there for the weekend. We bring food and cook and spend the entire time just catching up. The best part is that none of us have to drag along our s.o. The menfolk get along and enjoy each other just as much as the women. 
Friday night we all arrive and sit down to a tastey meal of ravioli and red sauce amped up with all kinds of veggies and garlic bread of course. Now if you remember I was horribly ill this week with the stomach flu and a cold. I had not planned on drinking too much because I didn’t want to be feeling any worse than I was. But when you make a good drink it turns out it goes down pretty nicely. So of course dinner round two happened at about 10:30 that night. But what a fun night it was. 

Saturday morning I awoke to my poor hubby sick as a dog with the stomach flu. We were hoping it was just a hangover but he was conservative of his alcohol intake much more so than I had been. He also had  the chills and a fever and spent the whole day laid up in bed. But the show must go on as they say. 

We had soo much yummy food this weekend. Breakfast burritos and cookies and cakes and potatoes and chips and popcorn and the list goes on. Saturday supper included porketta, Brussels sprouts, more potatoes and salad. Food so good that I kept eating even when I was stuffed full.

The table all set for Saturday’s dinner.
I did not track anything. I did not listen to my body. I did not have any successes to speak of other than having a good time. It’s not how I was hoping the weekend would go. I thought I would be able to exercise some control but I didn’t. I did realize that Minnesota nice still flows through my veins. There were many moments when I didn’t want the tortilla for my breakfast burrito or the bun for my sandwich but I didn’t want to be rude and not take something that someone took time to buy and provide for me. Maybe it’s Minnesota guilt. And I’m almost positive they wouldn’t care whether I eat it or not but still it’s really hard for me because it seems wasteful in my mind. And I hate to be wasteful. 

Another thing we figured out was how much accessibility to the snacks made a difference to the amount of food a person ate this weekend. The boys were downstairs away from the food majority of the weekend and they ate a significant amount less than the girls. We were upstairs mostly either in the kitchen or playing games at the dinning room table. All the snacks were on full display on the counter constantly whispering our names. And they were easily eaten snacks like popcorn and chips and cookies. It’s amazing how much of those things you can eat mindlessly. At home now besides Skinny Pop we have no foods in the house like that. There’s nothing in our pantry to open up and immediately snack on. Snacks for us now are basically just fruit. And food that we want has to be prepared and cooked not just opened. 

Right now I am still reflecting on everything. Reflecting. Not beating myself up. One thing I do know is that the harder I am on myself the more I actually shut down to this whole process. So for now I am reflecting. We were going to have a romantic Italian dinner tonight of heart shaped ravioli but I think I’ll toss those in the freezer and postpone that for another time. I think tonight will be a Shakeology for supper kind of night for me and soup for my sick hubby. 


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