Midwinter Blues

Early morning summer sunrise in North Dakota.

We have made it through the holiday madness, wished each other a happy new year, and had a busy month of January filled with the enthusiasms of the new year and a new you. We are done with the chocolately temptations of Valentine’s Day and now find ourselves staring into the dreary cold stretch of midwinter. We have gotten into the full swing of cold and flu season. At least at our house anyway. I’ve gone through a whole box of Kleenex since Friday and go into a coughing fit if I move faster than a slow walk. My skin is so dry I look like some kind of strange racoon because my eyes and the skin around them are red and itchy. I miss summer. I miss sleeping with all the windows open. I miss the sound of crickets chirping. I miss the sun!  

I don’t know about everyone else but besides being sick I feel tired too. According to my Fitbit my quality of sleep hasn’t been all that great lately. All of these put together gives me the midwinter blues. I’ve been eating too many things I shouldn’t at portion sizes I definitely shouldn’t be eating. I can’t remember the last day I exercised. I need to find some motivation and energy. I’ve made a list of some possible motivation and accountability checks to help power me through this challenging time of year. 

  • Take more vitamin D
  • Drink more Shakeology
  • Participate in more challenges with my Fitbit friends
  • Drink more water
  • Get more/better sleep (no more staying up on my phone!)
  • Track track track my food

Do you have any other ideas to add? Let me know if you do!


One thought on “Midwinter Blues

  1. Hi there. I know exactly how you feel! Cold weather and lack of sunshine just make me want to curl up in a ball and not leave my room until June. I do a lot of things on your list, and they work. I also involve my close family and friends to help. I tell them to call me out on it when I start to sink into one of my “moods”. It helps bring me out of my own head and back into the moment so I can enjoy being in their company and the little things the day has to offer. There may not be warmth in the air, but there are many other things to enjoy! Hope this helps 🙂

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