Old Habits Die Hard, Then Come Back to Life, Then Die Hard Again

I’ve been MIA lately busy living life. Today we came home from my nieces first birthday! We have three February nieces/nephew birthdays not to mention Valentine’s Day, our dating anniversary, our siblings wedding anniversary, and a friends birthday to boot. It’s a busy month! M also spent a week away in Iowa for business and Jackson and I stayed behind to work as well. Our schedule has been upside down and our routines were not normal. (If you couldn’t already tell I’m building into some pretty convenient excuses.)


The beautiful birthday girl.
We’ve been off track. We’ve been eating mindlessly. It’s really the mindlessness of eating that trapped us. My brain is well trained to shut off my mindful thinking when it comes to food. “You’re hungry? Here eat this quick! Don’t worry about what you’re eating you can worry about that later! While you’re at it this looks good to eat too! I know! Let’s eat all the foods! Shh I said no thinking!” And then I get mesmerized in the charm of not worrying about it. This past weekend for example it seemed I was on a non stop express to binge eating town. Cake and ice cream, pizza, popcorn (the buttery kind), Cheetos, beer, and ranch dressing (a.k.a. Ketchup of the Midwest). I fell back into that horrible cycle of the mindless eating, feeling bad about it, saying I’d fix it tomorrow, then continue to make poor choices the rest of the day because this day was already shot.

Yes I’ve been faced with a lot of food challenges lately (mentioned above) but I know I’m capable of tackling them. Take this weekend for example. I could have made some eggs and whole wheat toast with fruit to fill me up for breakfast (all items that were available to me) instead of skipping it and not eating until the afternoon when I was so hungry I didn’t care what I ate as long as it was food. I could have skipped the bag part of taco-in-a-bag and had a nice taco salad with tomatoes and onion and a reasonable amount of sour cream and cheese. When grocery shopping with my sister I could have let her buy the kind of ice cream I don’t like there for wouldn’t have eaten but instead I told her to switch to my favorite kind. There have been plenty of opportunities that had I done a little bit of prepping on I could have overcame. What I chose to do instead was live in the moment. Which can be great advice in general sometimes but for me when it comes to food I’m not at that point yet.  Now I did have some small successes but they’ve definitely been in the minority lately.

So let’s make a plan right now! Less “worrying about it tomorrow” and more planning today.

I will charge my Fitbit. I will have Shakeology for breakfast. I will have an apple for a snack. I will have veggies and turkey brats for lunch. I will have salmon, quinoa, and veggies for dinner. I will drink a lot water. I will start fresh again (as many times as it takes to create success). Just stay along with me to push me when I stumble.


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