Life Happens Fast

I know that it’s been a while. And I hate that it’s been a while. So I made sure to find time today to give an update and also to take the time to check-in with myself. Do you ever feel that life happens so fast? I feel that way constantly. Maybe it’s more of an American problem or perhaps #firstworldproblem as they say. But we all do so much and over fill our lives so much. I’ll give you an example, at the end of Februrary we were planning with friends which weekend we could see each other in the summer and even if we’d have a chance to make all of our schedules line up. It was possible that not one weekend in a three month time frame four months from now that we could hang out. Work, house, family, friends, pets, appointments, weddings, moving, new school… It can all be too much sometimes. And then before you know it years have passed right by. That’s not to say that being so busy is a bad thing, heck my last post was just about how much I enjoy that! A lot of it is what life is about and yet I wish I had more time to slow down. To stop and check in with myself. I think that’s one of the reasons I miss living in Alaska. Up there we were away from all of our family and friends, we lived in rural Alaska surrounded by nature. I wasn’t working at the time. We’d get up early eat breakfast together and then he’d go to work. I had the whole day to do nothing. I’d take nice long walks, email family, read books, shop at the tiniest grocery store, make lovely home cooked meals that took time and effort to make. We didn’t have tv to binge watch Netflix besides a few movies we rented from the library. We didn’t have restaurants to order take out from. We barely had internet and we didn’t own smartphones at the time either. As beautiful and inspiring as Alaska is I think that is what I honestly miss most about it. Which is probably why it’s the cover photo on both my Facebook and my wordpress profiles. There is a deeper reason other than the beauty that I love about Alaska. 


How do you slow down? How do you take time to check-in and decompress? How do you make time? Just like with food there has to be a balance. And just like with food I find that balance to be a bit elusive for me. 


I’m trying to stay on track. It’s just a lot harder than I thought.
Happy Easter weekend everyone! Enjoy your food and your families. I promise to write again much sooner than before! 


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