30 for 30…And No I Don’t Mean The ESPN Show

I wish I could tell you the last time I had a Shakeology but I can’t. It’s been way to long. Today I had one though and it was quite yummy. It was not drive-thru breakfast or sugary coffee which has been more of the case lately. Instead it was loaded with fresh blueberries and grapes and protein packed peanut butter powder.
I’ve been lacking motivation and for sure gave up planning in return for more time to do other important things like house projects, work, bills, cleaning, traveling and other duties. And for me I absolutely know that without a plan I fail at my goals (at least when it comes to food). It’s basically become that not planning means not even trying and I’m not ok with that anymore. Yes, it has been one of the busiest springs of my life blah blah blah I’ve already talked about that throughout this blog and there’s no need to harp on it anymore. The fact of the matter is that life is crazy busy a lot of the time and I can’t put my goals on hold while I’m busy. I did really well for the first couple months of the year and even when I slipped up or didn’t follow the plan at least there still was a plan. Not following the plan is very different than not having a plan. In the case of not following the plan, the plan is already prepared for slip-ups/indulgences and therefore isn’t really that big a deal in the long run. But not having a plan is me basically saying, “I’ll figure it out tomorrow.” Well I’ve had a lot of figure it out tomorrow days this spring and I’m ready to plan again.

I’m setting a goal of 30 minutes of activity a day for 30 days in a row. Starting June 1st which will be all of June. I will also focus on planning out my meals in advance so I’m prepared. I’m hoping to have a couple others join me in this challenge as I’m a big believer in strength in numbers! Anyone want to try it with me??


A Journey of 10,000 Steps Begins With….Wearing Your Fitbit

I overcame the dead Fitbit challenge, I overcame the forgetting to wear it challenge, and everything else that’s been working against me (mostly my memory) and I had my Fitbit on all day. Success in that fact alone but success in that it tracked my 10,000 steps today!! Ah there is nothing quite like the sweet vibrations of meeting your goal. Don’t you just love when your Fitbit buzzes when you hit your goal for the day? I sure do! Guess the 90 degree sunshiny day we had really helped to kick and keep my butt outside. Forecast is the same for tomorrow hope I can do it again. 

The Downfall of Technology

Yesterday I took my Fitbit off while spray painting and I accidentally left it outside the rest of the night so it didn’t track my steps or my sleep (although I know I didn’t get much anyway). Today I amazingly remembered to grab it from the backyard before heading off to work. And of course after a couple hours it says it’s dead! Now I will have to charge it wich doesn’t take long but remembering to put it back on is the hard part for me. Perhaps by Wedneday, the middle of the week, I’ll have my sh*t together…but probably not. 🙂 

Summer Sun!

Hello May!! It has been an exceptionally cloudy winter/spring I feel, but these first two days of May have been nothing but sun and heat! Jackson and I are loving it. The forecast is calling for days just like this all week. I’ve already cut the grass for the first time this year and nothing smells more like summer than fresh cut grass. Today I played outside slowly trying to make our patio the ideal outdoor living space but it has a long way to go. There’s a lot of decisions and a lot of work. Today I started the spray painting project I decided to take under when redoing our metal patio chairs. I have learned that I’m about 8 cans of spray paint short. 😦 
Now that it feels like summer it’s time to reset my step goals from my winter 8,000 to my summer 10,000. Although I’m used to coming up with plenty of them there really shouldn’t be any excuses for not going for a walk. Weather is perfect and there is enough time if you make enough time. My step goal goal for this Monday-Sunday is 65,000 (that gives me a 5,000 step allowance). I will keep you updated on how I am reaching that goal throughout the week! 

Happy May everyone!

That’s Why They Make Waterproof Mascara 

This beautiful picture was taken at sunset on Mille Lacs Lake, MN. It was so beautiful you couldn’t not pull over to admire it’s innate beauty. The lake was so calm and peaceful and the soft colors of the sunset were reflected seamlessly. It’s amazing how much nature calms and refreshes me. 

We just finished spending the weekend with my brother and sister in-law at M’s parents’ cabin. As much time as we have actually physically spent together recently it wasn’t necessarily the type of quality time I love most. The type where it’s just the four of us with no schedule, no obligations, no chores, or anything else getting in the way. But this time we actually got to do exactly what we wanted to do. We took a trip to the beach in Duluth where we locked our love forever,

M & I on the beach in Duluth
ate wild rice burgers, drank beer, watched movies, napped, and played Cath Phrase (or as we call it “The Dinasour Game”…long story), and talked and laughed. It was a weekend to help heal sorrowful hearts and to say goodbye. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it but they are moving to Virginia and leave this evening to start the 20 hour drive. We are going to miss them so much but are happy for their new adventure to start. And of course with most new beginnings it means saying goodbye to something ending. Many tears were shed especially on the ride back home but driving around Mille Lacs and witnessing this breath taking sunset it felt like the universe was saying, “everything’s alright.” And I know it will be.