Summer Sun!

Hello May!! It has been an exceptionally cloudy winter/spring I feel, but these first two days of May have been nothing but sun and heat! Jackson and I are loving it. The forecast is calling for days just like this all week. I’ve already cut the grass for the first time this year and nothing smells more like summer than fresh cut grass. Today I played outside slowly trying to make our patio the ideal outdoor living space but it has a long way to go. There’s a lot of decisions and a lot of work. Today I started the spray painting project I decided to take under when redoing our metal patio chairs. I have learned that I’m about 8 cans of spray paint short. 😦 
Now that it feels like summer it’s time to reset my step goals from my winter 8,000 to my summer 10,000. Although I’m used to coming up with plenty of them there really shouldn’t be any excuses for not going for a walk. Weather is perfect and there is enough time if you make enough time. My step goal goal for this Monday-Sunday is 65,000 (that gives me a 5,000 step allowance). I will keep you updated on how I am reaching that goal throughout the week! 

Happy May everyone!


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