Challenge Over

How Jackson feels about the end of June

Today is day thirty. I had hoped that I would be feeling really excited for myself today, instead I’m a little disappointed. I did not complete this month with 30 minutes everyday. My final was 22 days out of 30. Which is still awesome and something to be proud of because that was a heck of a lot more than last month but I know I could have done everyday, and that is what’s frustrating. I might have had to make up a few days, (every single day is a little bit hard because life happens) but I should have ended up with the same amount of time at the end. In the beginning of the month it was my main focus and priority. Towards the end of the month with our birthdays and M leaving it just wasn’t.

This month is over and a new one begins tomorrow. I’m trying to make exercise a part of my daily routine.  And trying to find a daily routine that is in fact routine. July’s focus will be more on the food end. I am doing a round of 21 day fix starting July 5th. I enjoyed this quote (pictured below). Whether it means your faith in yourself or your faith in God (or other higher power) I think it speaks to the overthinking that can happen. Sometimes we need to stop thinking about it and just do it (Nike knows whats up).

And this last picture I had to share because the one thing I am super grateful that got done this month (and proud of how it turned out) is our curtains and blinds! Never felt quite so much like a grown up as the over-excitement I’ve had about these bad boys! My mom is coming to visit this weekend to see her work in action (she helped coordinate and pick everything out) and to spend the holiday weekend with me. I doubt I will have anytime to post anything so I hope you all have a safe and happy Independence weekend!

Grown-ups have curtains


“Are you asking me to have a frienaissance?”

I had kind of a slug day yesterday. Didn’t do too much besides watch tv and eat. I finally got things done around 9 o’clock after The Bachelorette was over. I did not get my thirty minutes in for the day although I did take the wii fit out and play around on that for about 15 minutes. It’s not intense activity but I feel it is a good way to ease into activity for the day. So after breakfast each day I am trying to play with that to wake up and move. Today I need to rake up the apples in my backyard. Apparently our scraggly tree is more than just an eye sore! It’s a crabapple tree….what do people do with the apples? They are so sour. Anyway after I rake those up and pick up Jackson droppings then I can mow. Jackson and I will go for a walk later this evening too after my dinner date with Rachel. I have the best friends and family. Now that M is gone in Florida you’d think that I would be lonely and bored but every single weekend I have friends or family coming to visit me! This weekend my mom will come with Archie for the 4th. Jackson and I are very excited.

This past weekend though my Michele came to visit and celebrate my bday. If you’ve ever watched the tv show Friends then you may have heard of the term “frienaissance” where you reconnect with your friend. So that is the kind of weekend we had.  Her boyfriend was out of town and my hubby is obviously gone so it was just the two of us. Which is a pretty rare occurrence these days. She is a mixologist and a damn good cook to boot. We started the weekend with a few Moscow mules that were quite delicious. I am always amazed at the perfectness of our friendship. Sometimes when old friends hear about new friends they get jealous or competitive but that’s just not the case with us. At one point during the weekend we ended up laying in my bed talking to each other about important things and it took me back to when we were sixteen and on vacation with my family. (Before we ever had boyfriends we went to each other’s family holidays and events.) We used to take a walk late at night and go down to the quite dock on the water and have “dock talks” where we’d talk about the deep parts of our soul. But after all that talking and drinking you get hungry! Michele was my own live in chef for the weekend. She made this yummy peppers and spicy chicken flatbread (pictured below) for supper and a heavenly fried egg sandwich with peppers and avocado for breakfast the next morning. I love being spoiled on my birthday!

First Moscow Mule of the Day
Flatbread Heaven

M has arrived safely in Florida and has already done over 15 dives in three days! He is so inspiring to me. He has always been the kind of person who make something happen if that’s what he truly wants. He chases his dreams and makes them a reality not just a dream. He is a doer and I am the thinker. That is why we need each other to balance each other out. Yes, it can also cause conflict but we’ve figured out a way to make it work for us not against us (usually haha). The pictures below are from his trip so far. His first day at the beach and at the marina before his first boat dive.

Happy Birthday To Us

Yesterday was both of our birthdays. Fun story: M and I met May of 2007 when I was finishing my freshman year of college and he was graduation high school. We met at the garden center where we worked. We hit it off immediately and became quick friends. As we got to know each other we said that we both had birthdays coming up in June. And as it turned out we had the same birthday. Same day same year and even more crazy same hospital! We were exactly the same age. He just went to school in a town 20 minutes away and started school a year after I did.
So anyway we had our 28th birthday yesterday. We spent the morning at the beach swimming and floating in the water. Then we came back home and M’s parents came to town and took us out to dinner. When we got back we Facetimed with Mike & Ashley as we opened our gifts from them. The card was hilarious and as much as I loooove the Virginia/North Dakota matching wine glasses I got the card might have been the highlight because I haven’t laughed that hard in while! Tomorrow M leaves for Florida for scuba diving training so we are spending out last few hours together before a month apart. I think it’ll go by fast and there is plenty to do while he’s away. We’ve had plenty of practice being apart when M was in the Army and deployed over seas and with all his work traveling away from home. But I will still miss him plenty! It will give me a chance to focus on just myself which hasn’t happens in years. I think it will be another good piece of my summer goals.

30 for 30 challenge is almost over. I need a new Fitbit as mine has seen better days and is starting to deteriorate. For this weekend my high school BFF will be coming down to help kill any loneliness. And I’ve never felt so calm mentally as when the three month house project of window staining, window cleaning, taking down of old blinds, putting up of new blinds, mounting curtain rods,  and steaming and hanging curtains is DONE!! Tomorrow after I drop M off at the airport I’ll be mowing and cleaning so I can relax in peace! Happy weekend!

Off The Wagon

The garage sale is over and I am back home with sad news to relay. I will not get to say that I completed June’s 30 for 30 challenge successfully. I was so busy with the running setting up and taking down the garage sale, dropping off and picking up my nieces, visiting my mom, getting my car fixed, taking Jackson to the dog park, and spending time with my sister that it just didn’t happen. One day I just straight up forgot about it. The day I came home I realized that I was two days behind and that made me sad and mad and in a perfect illogical conclusion I decided to skip Saturday too then. Yesterday was so damn hot and humid that I stayed indoors and in bed most of the day. Which means today I woke up Monday morning with a total of four days missed! I have decided that I will continue this challenge and I will make up those days throughout this week and add an extra two hours of activity throughout the days ahead. I won’t get to say that I did it every single day but I will get to say that I still had the same amount of minutes at least. Which at the end of thirty days equals nine-hundred minutes or 15 hours. 

Garage sale prep
Niece Leighton
Niece Ellery

I also need to watch my food again. I was doing really well before the trip but I still have a very difficult time when I am away from my house. I am a little worried however because this week is our birthday week (hubby and I have the same birthday) and I tend to be pretty lenient and indulgent around this time. It’s Bachelorette Monday today but once that is done I will go for a walk. I need to mow soon too so that will be a good activity and we are planning a lake and swimming day for our bday. Today I am back on the wagon!

The Halfway Point

Fifteen days down fifteen to go! Yesterday I woke up late and quickly packed up myself and Jackson and hit the road to the Cities. I’m down here for a few days helping my older sister with her garage sale. I’m glad I did I’ve already rescued so many things I was supposed to be helping sell! 🙂 But on the way here yesterday it started raining a lot and it just never stopped! It was pouring so much all evening I figured walking outside just wasn’t going to work. I knew my sister had a treadmill so I wasn’t too worried about my 30 minutes. Well as it turns out the treadmill had recently short circuited and wasn’t usuable for the time being. I decided I’d just wait the rain out, it had to stop at some point right? We got busy setting up for the garage sale and before I knew it it was midnight! I had forgotten about my activity! I really wanted to go to bed but I wasn’t going to lose this challenge over rain! I figured I had probably banked about fifteen minutes from setting up (although a lot of it was standing and planning how to set it up). I grabbed Jackson and we went for a quick fifteen minute walk. Besides the sticky humidity it was quiet and beautiful out. I had a couple drops of rain here and there sputtering out its last spits of moisture but nothing we couldn’t handle. But I am happy to report that I got it done! And now today marks the halfway point! I am constantly amazed at how quickly time passes. That’s why if you don’t focus on your health and activity and strength today it so quickly falls to the wayside. If you didn’t get a jumpstart on June 1st like I did maybe you will today? Good luck to the rest of the 30 for 30 challengers and the start of the last half of this month! 

The Long Walk Home

If you live near Fargo then you’ve probably heard of Happy Harry’s Annual Ribfest. Today we met up with some friends, (and met some new friends) to enjoy some good food, good music, and cold beer. M had a pulled pork sandwich with the fixin’s and I had some ribs that were delicious! Then we listened to Smash Mouth play like it was 2002! Haha But seriously we had a nice evening with friends and there was even fireworks that went off towards the end. And you couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Not a cloud in sight with a slight warm breeze. It was a perfect summer evening. We had Leah pick us up and bring us to Ribfest which allowed us to walk home (a couples miles away). It was a beautiful night to walk with your husband but it was a long walk and we were both hurting a bit by the time we made it home. I love that he still supports me even if he doesn’t really feel like doing it.
We got some great steps in and plenty of active minutes. I did take a sick day on Wednesday and rested but I did extra 30 minutes yesterday and today so I’m letting myself count it as not skipping. I’m really over this cough though, it’s pretty wicked. For the rest of the weekend I’ll be mowing and swimming for my activities. Sure love these summer months when activity is so much more natural and easier. It’s also been super hot (for me anyway, I’ve always been somewhat of a delicate flower in the heat) and my appetite always seems to be much less when it’s really hot out. Now I’m having a cup of tea to soothe my sore throat and then I’m headed to bed. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Try and do something for yourself. 

Lucky Number Seven

Seven down twenty-three more to go! I came super close to not getting my 30 in today. My cold has developed into bronchitis which I hate because then any strenuous activity becomes a raging coughing fit. I was going to hold off on activity since I wasn’t feeling well but then it occurred to me that I get sick pretty often. I’m just one of those people that is susceptible and it’s happened before when my goals were derailed because of illness. I’m all for rest when the body needs it especially when you are sick but for me bronchitis usually lingers on for about a month and I just can’t afford to sit out that long. I may have to modify what I am doing and lessen the intensity  but I still want to keep at it. So today (after a very dramatic episode of The Bachelorette…anyone think I was Chris Harrison there for a minute?) I put on my tennis shoes and grabbed Jacko’s leash and we went for a thirty minute walk. I had to go much slower than I would have liked but I got it done and that’s what I’m here to accomplish. I just got in a little bit ago and sat down with a bowl full of cherries to much on as I write this blog post. Now I think I will go and write a letter to my sweetheart of a niece and tell her thank you for all the pretty pictures. She’s been filling her mailbox at home full of pictures for me not realizing that she needs to address and stamp them for me to actually receive them.    💗💗💗