Welcome to June 1st 

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that you took at least one moment to reflect on why Memorial Day is a holiday. M and I went camping in the Chippewa National Forest near Walker, MN. There were a few things conspiring against us like the weather (cold and rainy) and our air mattress problems (pump wasn’t working and we ended up on the ground the first morning) but we ate some delicious food and played cards.
And now here we are at June 1st already! I cannot believe how fast time goes by. In fact it was 10 years ago in May that I graduated high school. A lot has happened since then but wow 10 years can really fly by. I’m a bit of a procrastinator sometimes and I wanted to work on my strength this summer. I miss when my body was stronger and I think it’s a disservice to myself that I’m still young and yet my body is weak. It needs more activity! And because I don’t want to put it off and yet I know what my track record looks like, I wanted to create a challenge that gets me moving and is monitored by those of you reading this blog. I extended this 30 for 30 challenge to others and got an amazing response! So much so that I’ve since teamed up with my friend and Beach Body coach Krystyna Freeman (you can find her page on Facebook)! Together we are hosting a 30 for 30 Facebook group and we have over 15 people that are doing this with us! That is so exciting to me! I’m so happy to not do this alone and to help encourage other people as well. So today is day one! It’s raining and cold here again so I think I will have an indoor activity day. What activity are you doing? Thirty minutes for 30 days here we come!


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