Sick in Summer

We are already four days into the 30 for 30 challenge. I woke up this morning quite sick with a sore swollen throat, hard gunk in my throat (gross), a cough, and a stuffy nose. Sure makes me miss the chiropractor! When I was going to him last year I never got sick once during that whole year which was a first for me in my life. I’m prone to bronchitis and colds. Since I stopped going last November I’ve been sick four times already. I should probably start saving money to go back as my insurance didn’t cover any of it. So this morning I am resting in bed with my tea and toast. I’m going to make a fruit packed Shakeology for lunch that will hopefully jump start my immune system. I still want to get my thirty minutes in today. Maybe I will take Jackson for a walk (it’s a slower walk usually because he has to stop and sniff and mark trees every three steps).

While I’m here in bed this morning I will get caught up on some reading.Any one else read The 5 Love Languages? This is the military version I’m checking out to see if it applies more than the original version. I’m hands down an acts of service kind of gal. M is physical touch and quality time. It’s kind of funny what he considers quality time and what I consider quality time. For him sitting in the same room doing different activities is quality time. For me I’m more specific like not having electronics on and doing an activity together. I’m also reading our cities’ monthly magazine which always has great ideas on what to do and where to go. What have you been reading lately?


One thought on “Sick in Summer

  1. I love the 5 Love Languages book! I’m notes and gifts and A is acts of service and physical touch. We had been dating for maybe a week and I had him take the quiz online!

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