Lucky Number Seven

Seven down twenty-three more to go! I came super close to not getting my 30 in today. My cold has developed into bronchitis which I hate because then any strenuous activity becomes a raging coughing fit. I was going to hold off on activity since I wasn’t feeling well but then it occurred to me that I get sick pretty often. I’m just one of those people that is susceptible and it’s happened before when my goals were derailed because of illness. I’m all for rest when the body needs it especially when you are sick but for me bronchitis usually lingers on for about a month and I just can’t afford to sit out that long. I may have to modify what I am doing and lessen the intensity  but I still want to keep at it. So today (after a very dramatic episode of The Bachelorette…anyone think I was Chris Harrison there for a minute?) I put on my tennis shoes and grabbed Jacko’s leash and we went for a thirty minute walk. I had to go much slower than I would have liked but I got it done and that’s what I’m here to accomplish. I just got in a little bit ago and sat down with a bowl full of cherries to much on as I write this blog post. Now I think I will go and write a letter to my sweetheart of a niece and tell her thank you for all the pretty pictures. She’s been filling her mailbox at home full of pictures for me not realizing that she needs to address and stamp them for me to actually receive them.    💗💗💗


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