The Long Walk Home

If you live near Fargo then you’ve probably heard of Happy Harry’s Annual Ribfest. Today we met up with some friends, (and met some new friends) to enjoy some good food, good music, and cold beer. M had a pulled pork sandwich with the fixin’s and I had some ribs that were delicious! Then we listened to Smash Mouth play like it was 2002! Haha But seriously we had a nice evening with friends and there was even fireworks that went off towards the end. And you couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Not a cloud in sight with a slight warm breeze. It was a perfect summer evening. We had Leah pick us up and bring us to Ribfest which allowed us to walk home (a couples miles away). It was a beautiful night to walk with your husband but it was a long walk and we were both hurting a bit by the time we made it home. I love that he still supports me even if he doesn’t really feel like doing it.
We got some great steps in and plenty of active minutes. I did take a sick day on Wednesday and rested but I did extra 30 minutes yesterday and today so I’m letting myself count it as not skipping. I’m really over this cough though, it’s pretty wicked. For the rest of the weekend I’ll be mowing and swimming for my activities. Sure love these summer months when activity is so much more natural and easier. It’s also been super hot (for me anyway, I’ve always been somewhat of a delicate flower in the heat) and my appetite always seems to be much less when it’s really hot out. Now I’m having a cup of tea to soothe my sore throat and then I’m headed to bed. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Try and do something for yourself. 


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