The Halfway Point

Fifteen days down fifteen to go! Yesterday I woke up late and quickly packed up myself and Jackson and hit the road to the Cities. I’m down here for a few days helping my older sister with her garage sale. I’m glad I did I’ve already rescued so many things I was supposed to be helping sell! 🙂 But on the way here yesterday it started raining a lot and it just never stopped! It was pouring so much all evening I figured walking outside just wasn’t going to work. I knew my sister had a treadmill so I wasn’t too worried about my 30 minutes. Well as it turns out the treadmill had recently short circuited and wasn’t usuable for the time being. I decided I’d just wait the rain out, it had to stop at some point right? We got busy setting up for the garage sale and before I knew it it was midnight! I had forgotten about my activity! I really wanted to go to bed but I wasn’t going to lose this challenge over rain! I figured I had probably banked about fifteen minutes from setting up (although a lot of it was standing and planning how to set it up). I grabbed Jackson and we went for a quick fifteen minute walk. Besides the sticky humidity it was quiet and beautiful out. I had a couple drops of rain here and there sputtering out its last spits of moisture but nothing we couldn’t handle. But I am happy to report that I got it done! And now today marks the halfway point! I am constantly amazed at how quickly time passes. That’s why if you don’t focus on your health and activity and strength today it so quickly falls to the wayside. If you didn’t get a jumpstart on June 1st like I did maybe you will today? Good luck to the rest of the 30 for 30 challengers and the start of the last half of this month! 


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