Off The Wagon

The garage sale is over and I am back home with sad news to relay. I will not get to say that I completed June’s 30 for 30 challenge successfully. I was so busy with the running setting up and taking down the garage sale, dropping off and picking up my nieces, visiting my mom, getting my car fixed, taking Jackson to the dog park, and spending time with my sister that it just didn’t happen. One day I just straight up forgot about it. The day I came home I realized that I was two days behind and that made me sad and mad and in a perfect illogical conclusion I decided to skip Saturday too then. Yesterday was so damn hot and humid that I stayed indoors and in bed most of the day. Which means today I woke up Monday morning with a total of four days missed! I have decided that I will continue this challenge and I will make up those days throughout this week and add an extra two hours of activity throughout the days ahead. I won’t get to say that I did it every single day but I will get to say that I still had the same amount of minutes at least. Which at the end of thirty days equals nine-hundred minutes or 15 hours. 

Garage sale prep
Niece Leighton
Niece Ellery

I also need to watch my food again. I was doing really well before the trip but I still have a very difficult time when I am away from my house. I am a little worried however because this week is our birthday week (hubby and I have the same birthday) and I tend to be pretty lenient and indulgent around this time. It’s Bachelorette Monday today but once that is done I will go for a walk. I need to mow soon too so that will be a good activity and we are planning a lake and swimming day for our bday. Today I am back on the wagon!


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