Happy Birthday To Us

Yesterday was both of our birthdays. Fun story: M and I met May of 2007 when I was finishing my freshman year of college and he was graduation high school. We met at the garden center where we worked. We hit it off immediately and became quick friends. As we got to know each other we said that we both had birthdays coming up in June. And as it turned out we had the same birthday. Same day same year and even more crazy same hospital! We were exactly the same age. He just went to school in a town 20 minutes away and started school a year after I did.
So anyway we had our 28th birthday yesterday. We spent the morning at the beach swimming and floating in the water. Then we came back home and M’s parents came to town and took us out to dinner. When we got back we Facetimed with Mike & Ashley as we opened our gifts from them. The card was hilarious and as much as I loooove the Virginia/North Dakota matching wine glasses I got the card might have been the highlight because I haven’t laughed that hard in while! Tomorrow M leaves for Florida for scuba diving training so we are spending out last few hours together before a month apart. I think it’ll go by fast and there is plenty to do while he’s away. We’ve had plenty of practice being apart when M was in the Army and deployed over seas and with all his work traveling away from home. But I will still miss him plenty! It will give me a chance to focus on just myself which hasn’t happens in years. I think it will be another good piece of my summer goals.

30 for 30 challenge is almost over. I need a new Fitbit as mine has seen better days and is starting to deteriorate. For this weekend my high school BFF will be coming down to help kill any loneliness. And I’ve never felt so calm mentally as when the three month house project of window staining, window cleaning, taking down of old blinds, putting up of new blinds, mounting curtain rods,  and steaming and hanging curtains is DONE!! Tomorrow after I drop M off at the airport I’ll be mowing and cleaning so I can relax in peace! Happy weekend!


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