“Are you asking me to have a frienaissance?”

I had kind of a slug day yesterday. Didn’t do too much besides watch tv and eat. I finally got things done around 9 o’clock after The Bachelorette was over. I did not get my thirty minutes in for the day although I did take the wii fit out and play around on that for about 15 minutes. It’s not intense activity but I feel it is a good way to ease into activity for the day. So after breakfast each day I am trying to play with that to wake up and move. Today I need to rake up the apples in my backyard. Apparently our scraggly tree is more than just an eye sore! It’s a crabapple tree….what do people do with the apples? They are so sour. Anyway after I rake those up and pick up Jackson droppings then I can mow. Jackson and I will go for a walk later this evening too after my dinner date with Rachel. I have the best friends and family. Now that M is gone in Florida you’d think that I would be lonely and bored but every single weekend I have friends or family coming to visit me! This weekend my mom will come with Archie for the 4th. Jackson and I are very excited.

This past weekend though my Michele came to visit and celebrate my bday. If you’ve ever watched the tv show Friends then you may have heard of the term “frienaissance” where you reconnect with your friend. So that is the kind of weekend we had.  Her boyfriend was out of town and my hubby is obviously gone so it was just the two of us. Which is a pretty rare occurrence these days. She is a mixologist and a damn good cook to boot. We started the weekend with a few Moscow mules that were quite delicious. I am always amazed at the perfectness of our friendship. Sometimes when old friends hear about new friends they get jealous or competitive but that’s just not the case with us. At one point during the weekend we ended up laying in my bed talking to each other about important things and it took me back to when we were sixteen and on vacation with my family. (Before we ever had boyfriends we went to each other’s family holidays and events.) We used to take a walk late at night and go down to the quite dock on the water and have “dock talks” where we’d talk about the deep parts of our soul. But after all that talking and drinking you get hungry! Michele was my own live in chef for the weekend. She made this yummy peppers and spicy chicken flatbread (pictured below) for supper and a heavenly fried egg sandwich with peppers and avocado for breakfast the next morning. I love being spoiled on my birthday!

First Moscow Mule of the Day
Flatbread Heaven

M has arrived safely in Florida and has already done over 15 dives in three days! He is so inspiring to me. He has always been the kind of person who make something happen if that’s what he truly wants. He chases his dreams and makes them a reality not just a dream. He is a doer and I am the thinker. That is why we need each other to balance each other out. Yes, it can also cause conflict but we’ve figured out a way to make it work for us not against us (usually haha). The pictures below are from his trip so far. His first day at the beach and at the marina before his first boat dive.


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