Challenge Over

How Jackson feels about the end of June

Today is day thirty. I had hoped that I would be feeling really excited for myself today, instead I’m a little disappointed. I did not complete this month with 30 minutes everyday. My final was 22 days out of 30. Which is still awesome and something to be proud of because that was a heck of a lot more than last month but I know I could have done everyday, and that is what’s frustrating. I might have had to make up a few days, (every single day is a little bit hard because life happens) but I should have ended up with the same amount of time at the end. In the beginning of the month it was my main focus and priority. Towards the end of the month with our birthdays and M leaving it just wasn’t.

This month is over and a new one begins tomorrow. I’m trying to make exercise a part of my daily routine.  And trying to find a daily routine that is in fact routine. July’s focus will be more on the food end. I am doing a round of 21 day fix starting July 5th. I enjoyed this quote (pictured below). Whether it means your faith in yourself or your faith in God (or other higher power) I think it speaks to the overthinking that can happen. Sometimes we need to stop thinking about it and just do it (Nike knows whats up).

And this last picture I had to share because the one thing I am super grateful that got done this month (and proud of how it turned out) is our curtains and blinds! Never felt quite so much like a grown up as the over-excitement I’ve had about these bad boys! My mom is coming to visit this weekend to see her work in action (she helped coordinate and pick everything out) and to spend the holiday weekend with me. I doubt I will have anytime to post anything so I hope you all have a safe and happy Independence weekend!

Grown-ups have curtains


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