Going Wild Baby

4137Ok so that picture is actually from two Sundays ago, I’m just trying to get caught up! This was my last summer Sunday before school started. We had a busy weekend with friends. For me it was my ten year high school reunion. I had my three best friends from grade school/high school spend the weekend at the house then we were each other’s dates for the reunion as our significant others spent the weekend together elsewhere. I guess it’s pretty uncommon for your girlfriends’ boyfriends/husbands to get along as awesomely together as you do with your girlfriends. And really it was the best way to do the reunion thing, being with my best friends just like it was in high school instead of introducing my husband to people he doesn’t know or care about. Then on Sunday after battling and over coming a pretty wicked hang over we went for a drive in the evening out in the country dreaming of our perfect country home. We stumbled across this quiet lake with a small beach off the road. Mitch dived while Jackson and I lounged on the beach and in the water. 

Our new book arrived over that weekend: too The Wild Diet by Abel James. It was also featured on ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours. It’s something we’ve both been interested in trying. I think watching the tv show really helped give us the confidence that we could do this too. In just one week our cupboards and refrigerator have had a complete over haul. We’ve already got a relationship with the local farmers and Natural Grocers in town too. Not to mention that M has already had to tighten his belt three notches and will be in a lower pant size if he keeps it up by next week. I’ve had results I haven’t experienced before too. Is it all too good to be true? Possibly. I will of course keep you updated. Amazingly we haven’t gone out to eat once which is sort of our Kriptonite but when you’re eating clean foods that cost way more than you’re used to paying going out isn’t really an option anyway. It’s also possible that my results came from the Metformin I’ve been taking everyday but honestly I think all its done is make me sick. I take it at night with my evening meal and come 6 am the next day I have to wake up and use the bathroom in a bad bad way if you catch my drift. Then I have a super sour/upset tummy until about 10-11 in the morning. I hear it gets better but I didn’t take it tonight so that I could function better tomorrow as I have a busy day. I will take it again tomorrow and see if it really is the cause of my tummy troubles and if so will need to call the doctor. 

Grass-fed burgers wrapped in butter lettuce and romane topped with raw cheese and sauteed mushrooms
Cooking a B.A.L.T. (bacon avacado, lettuce, tomato) sandwich using paleo bacon (sugar free, uncured, nitrite and nitrate free)


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