Happiness Is A Snack With Your Husband 

Perfect way to bond with the hubby

How delicious does this look!? It tasted even better. Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted 7-grain Bread plus organic peanut butter (no sugar), drizzled with a small amount of raw local honey, add some raspberries, and tea and you’ve got the perfect snack date. We are at the start of week four on The Wild Diet and we are both happy with how everything has been going. I was able to wear a pair of pants I’ve had in the closet for a year that grew too small and that was exciting. I have no idea the last time I was able to “shop” back in my closet. I can’t wait until I can do it again. 

That’s not all to say there haven’t been challenges but there hasn’t been any major derailing moment for either of us. One challenge that I was surprised to see the after effects of was my free meal this weekend. I had my sister in town along with my niece and we had some hearty Wild Diet breakfasts and a salad for lunch. For supper on Saturday though Ellery picked pizza at Old Chicago. Sister and I decided on their Italian Nachos which I have always loved. I haven’t had milk in so long that instead of a beer I opted to have two big glasses of milk (still tastes like heaven to me). I dipped my fried cheesy pasta crisps in both the marinara sauce and ranch. It was very yummy and I ate more than I should have/thought that I would. Afterwards we went home and watched a movie and by the end of it I felt such yucky tiredness that I haven’t felt in a long time. It was not a regular sleepy  tired. This was a lathargic gritty debilitating tired and it was no fun. We had plans to stay up and play games and visit but we were both so foggy that we were in bed by 11 o’clock. That sucked. I attribute it to the sugar and junk we ate for supper. It amazes me how I used to live like that all the time. And you don’t realize just how much it affects your body until you have been off it for a while. Something carried over into Sunday and I don’t know if that was the physical symptoms or the psychological but despite eating a Wild Diet breakfast (made together with Elle Belle 🙂 and a Wild Diet supper I still had yearnings of not being satisfied with any of it. I ate a lot of Skinny Pop and snacked on it quite a bit throughout the day just so I could keep my mouth busy. 

Today was back to business as usual with a butter coffee or tea for breakfast and I fasted for lunch. (Intermittent fasting is an optional part of The Wild Diet designed to keep your metabolism guessing). For supper we had oven roasted herb chicken with rainbow carrots and green beans almondine all cooked in healthy oils and fats. And of course the tea and toast for snack. 

Tonights supper
Last nights supper of uncured nitrite nitrate free apple gouda sausages with peppers, onions, and sauerkraut topped with a dollop of stone ground mustard

Next weeks challenge: being in Nebraska for 9 days taking care of babies. M and I have already started meal planning and figuring out how it will all work. Wish us luck! I will just have to adopt the attitude of Ellery who seeks out challenges to push herself. Like in the picture below where she rock climbed a 35 foot wall all by herself and after mastering it asked if the instructor would put her on a harder wall “because she wanted to challenge herself!” Go Ellery! You inspire Auntie everyday with your enthusiasm and energy. 

Our little monkey

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