Back in Nebraska

We are spending the week in Nebraska taking care of my nieces and nephew while their parents fly to Germany for a wedding. Being “parents” to three kids that are three years and younger is no vacation let me tell you! It has only been two days and we are already severely sleep deprived and making poor food choices. But what we are lacking in health and wellness this week we are gaining in tons of love, snuggles, and laughter (and maybe a few tears too haha).

When the kids are napping, so is the rest of the house!
He’ll be a great daddy one day 🙂 
This nugget learned how to crawl and stand around recently, causing nothing but headaches for the adults in her life. Baby proof all you want but it won’t stop her from ripping out chunks of animal fur or constantly trying to make an escape for plugged in nightlights. 
She sure is stinkin’ cute though!



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