The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

So as you know we were in NE last week taking care of the kiddos. What a crazy stressful thing it must be for my brother and his wife to raise three amazing children and work full time. But I know it is obviously super rewarding but it sure was tiring and we only did it for one week (with the help of her mother too!). In terms of diet and how that all shook down I will confess that it got derailed super fast. The week before we left was my last week in a long term position so I was busy getting the classroom ready to be handed back to it’s rightful owner. Mitch threw out his back in the beginning of that week too but we did plan a menu as best as week could. We bought some sloppy joe mix that was Wild Diet approved, same as a taco mix we bought too. We had jerky and fruit packed for the car ride and had a game plan of how we wanted the week to go. We would start with the two meals we had planned and had supplies for then we would go to the store from there and get what we needed as most things on The Wild Diet are fresh products anyway. My sister-in-law said they would have groceries for the kids on hand. I thought they could do sloppy joes and tacos with us and then from there I’d just cook a kids meal and an adult meal.

On our trip down we decided to go halfway then spend the night in a casino as M’s back was still touchy from earlier that week. We listened to fat burning man podcasts and planned our on the road meals to the best of our ability. At the casino we stayed at they had a stay and play package so we ended up getting $20 in dining credits. We skipped their Friday seafood buffet knowing that we would need to save our free meal for the next night. Alice’s baptism was the following evening and my brother had a pasta meal with cake and ice cream planned at his house. We had both saved our free meal to be used on that meal.

I have always said that South Dakota is a beautiful state to drive through but this South Dakotan sunset was truly incredible
I made M pull over so we could watch it set and take some pictures

The next morning we wake up early to get on the road at a decent time. North central Nebraska ain’t nothing to sneeze at either. That was a beautiful sunrise surrounded by big grassy hills and lovely orioles singing as well. Sometimes it’s not a pain in the butt to get up and take Jackson outside right away.

Sunrise at Ohiya Casino and Resort

After getting dressed we headed to the breakfast buffet where we had planned to stick to things that were ok for our diet. The buffet was running late so we ended up ordering off the menu and we both skipped the hash browns and toast that came with our meals and choose to add meat as our side instead. Then we stopped in Grand Island, NE for a few essentials and it was lunchtime. We had a chopped salad from Subway with no cheese or croutons and a lot of veggies. We both had full fat ranch because with this diet fat is better than sugar (which is often replaced in low-fat products).

Still making the best choices for what the situation was I feel like

Then a few hours after we finally arrived it was time for the baptism and celebration. Side note: Nebraskan take their Cornhuskers suuuuuper seriously. In church (which we are told is usually quite full) there was only about 15 other people there besides family that was in attendance for the baptism and that’s because the Cornhuskers were playing at the same time! Anyways even though it was our free meal I still didn’t want to overdo it on anything to much. I had a small portion of spaghetti, one small piece of garlic bread, some Caesar salad,  and a big ol’ glass of milk (my free meal staple :). I opted out of all cake and ice cream. M was similarly conscientious of what he ate. We were feeling great about how the trip was going so far and couldn’t see any issues with doing it the rest of the week.

Well, we were wrong. Early morning Sunday we were left on our own with the three kids. Day one wasn’t too shabby. I made eggs with veggies, M fed Alice, we played outside, they all took huge naps, we had sloppy joes and broccoli for supper. It wasn’t so bad at all. Then 1:45 in the morning happened. Alice woke up. Alice stayed up. And she didn’t decide to go back to sleep until about 5:15. Then Breckyn was up for the day at 6:45. Then 8:00 rolls around M has work phone calls coming in left and right leaving me tired as hell trying to take care of the three darlings. I made Alice’s food and fed her, and got the older two some cereal. I was going to make eggs for myself afterwards but couldn’t because M was’t available to help take care of the kids. I was hungry and caved and had a small bowl of cereal. It was DELICIOUS! I looove milk and cereal with all its sugar (even the “healty” cereal I was eating which was a Kashi Go Lean has a bunch of sugar) is pretty addictive. And that’s how the slippery slope to poor choices started. The rest of the week continued to be a chaotic scene of trying to cook and clean up for the babies and sometimes M could help sometimes he couldn’t. Cooking two meals became like a super human feat that I didn’t ever get around to. All you parents out there I tip my hat to you!! We still tried to have as many fruits and veggies for side dishes and snacks but it was a struggle. I know their parents are obviously better at taking care of them and juggling real life but it was challenging to walk into in the middle and try to keep a balance. We ended up basically saying Fu#% it and said that as soon as we left on Sunday we would go right back to what we had been doing but it was just too overwhelming to try and follow a relatively new way of eating while being so busy.

He’s a pretty amazing uncle 
Two peas in a pod who are wild and hilarious together 
She made me laugh so much! Always snooping to see what’s going on around her
Sometimes I just needed Alice to not crawl to every naughty thing in the house constantly so I put her in the crib and big brother wasn’t going to allow her to be alone 🙂
They love playing “funny faces” on Auntie’s phone…funny faces being Snapchat of course!
For two hours on the Saturday before we left Ayla’s mom babysat for us. We have never enjoyed those two beers or pizza more haha
I usually post pictures of the healthy things I’m eating but life isn’t constant healthy eating…at least not for us. Here is a picture of some of the best popcorn I’ve had. I also had a Peanut Butter Power with a shot of espresso which is my favorite coffee drink of all time and it’s not healthy either. We had also had mac n’ cheese, non-sprouted bread, sugary peanut butter, lots of milk, nachos, and cereal amongst other things for honesty’s sake. 

All in all I guess life doesn’t always go the way you plan….ok it rarely goes the way you planned but you just have to roll with it. We ate a lot of crap that week yes. Nobody’s perfect and taking better care of the kids was more important to us than eating correctly. But we definitely got a taste of some of the challenges I’m sure many parents face everyday so that is something we can be thinking on as we try to grow our family.


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