The Dog And Cat Life

And then one day your life was different forever. Big chances can take a while to achieve and you can work hard at them for a long time. Kind of like this healthful and conception journey I’m on. Other times though it’s just something that happens in an instant. That’s kind of what happened to us last week. We went to the pet shelter kind of impulsively and wound up coming up with a foster dog and a brand new kitten that we adopted. 

He’s definitely a cuddle bug!
And a cutie pie
It took a thousand pictures to finally get one where it wasn’t blurry because she was running around
“Mom, can kitty come play now??”
She loves to snuggle ❤

I have been busy caring for these high needs fur babies. Stewie is an 8 year old Pom-Chow mix who has a little dog bladder and needs to go out way more often than we are used to with Jackson. And my poor Snickers (that’s the name she came with) kitten has some pretty foul bathroom issues right now due to an overgrowth of bacteria in her stool. That has been an unpleasant smelling mess to say the least. And Jackson is Jackson…sweet and annoying. I wonder if life with human kids is similar to life with pets in the fact that you want to kill them most of the time but at the end of the day they are just too darn cute? 


The Baker’s Dozen

Last weekend besides caring for animals I spent the rest of the time in the kitchen baking and cooking. I actually hate baking and more likely than not I burn it. I set the timer for the required amount and when it goes off and I check it and decide it needs just a few more minutes (because baking feels so precise to me) I go back to what I was doing telling myself, “don’t forget!” and of course I forget. Most of my baking ends with me smelling whatever I was baking or hearing the oven click (it does that when it’s on) and me jumping up saying, “oh shit!”. 

Since we started The Wild Diet I don’t snack much at all anymore. I was always a chronic grazer and perfered snacks over meals most days. Now my snacks are usually just a piece of fruit or the occasional handful of nuts. But that is why I really enjoy having dessert these days. The Wild Diet has a lot of tasty desserts that we like. So I made some pumpkin bread, carrot cake, coffee cake, and cookies. The pumpkin bread is wonderful I’m glad I made two loafs of that, one for now one I froze for later. The carrot cake wasn’t my favorite but I can’t quite put my finger on why though. Maybe I’m just too used to what used to be carrot cake. You know the boxed kind with a few nibbles of dehydrated carrots? But M and his parents all enjoyed it. The coffee cake is definitely my favorite of the baked goods so far. And the cookies are so  convienent when you store them in the freezer to be eaten whenever. 

Carrot cake featured in The Wild Diet

Recently I’ve tried some new cooking recipes. Some were family recipes that I just substituted ingridients to make them Wild Diet friendly. We’ve had meatloaf, tried a new version of mashed cauliflower (this time I added some Parmesan in the blender and that pumped them up a lot I thought), made a cauliflower crust pizza with homemade Wild Diet friendly pizza sauce and uncured nitrate and nitrite free pepperoni. 

I’ve also attempted to soak and roast my own almonds but I don’t think those turned out as they were supposed to. The instructions said to dehydrate them in the oven at 125 F but the lowest my oven goes is 170. They’re edible, but the consistency is not quite right. 

I also made this avocado dressing over roasted veggies salad that I saw on a Tasty video. Each thing independently was flavorful and tasty but together they did not marry well. I also like to have a variety of textures in my meals and this got a bit mushy for me. 

We still have Morey’s Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon once a week because it’s such a quick and easy meal. The same goes for suasage and peppers/onions. We continue to drink a collection of different organic teas and fatty coffee with mct oil. On some busy days we do breakfast for supper like scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Or Wild Diet friendly protein cakes with butter and a small dollop of honey. 

I tried making homemade Wild Diet friendly ranch but that was not what I was hoping it would be. Over the years on different diets I’ve tried creating a more healthy alternative to the addicting watery like restaurant ranch that I’ve been addicted to all my life. Seriously, I used to put ranch on everything…pizza, burgers, fries, wraps, veggies, chicken, any sandwich, chips, meatballs etc. But the alternatives have always been a no go for me. I guess I’ll just have to save it for free meals because I’m done trying to recreate an acceptable alternative. 

And those are some of the things I’ve been up to in the kitchen lately. Do you have any recipes you’d like to share with us? If so, please comment and let us know!

Krystyna’s Story

Hello fellow KKA readers! I’m honored to write a guest post for Kristina’s blog. I’m a big fan and relate SO much to everything she writes about. 

Only 2 weeks left to go before we meet our beautiful girl!

So my whole life I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve never been a small person and have “tried” every diet out there at some point in life. One thing that I knew through out my own journey is that exercise is something that I need in my life on most days of the week. I’m a better person on the days I work out! I’m less emotional, more in tune with myself, and overall my eating habits are WAY more on track. 
A few years ago, I was introduced to Beachbody workouts and Shakeology. I totally fell in love with working out at home. It was convenient (especially in the winter in Minnesota!) and I could get in a great workout in about 30 minutes. I started with the 21 day fix program and definitely saw success. I came to love Shakeology as it was fulled with all the vitamins and minerals I needed. Now this post is definitely not a ploy to tell you that Beachbody is the only way to reach your goals–but like Kristina has said before–this is what works for me. 
I’m now currently 38 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!! My husband and I are so excited to meet her any day now. Have I gained weight? YUP. Have I gained more than I “originally planned?” Yup. But I’ve worked out with Beachbody’s maternity workouts during much of this pregnancy and have continued to have my Shakeology (with permission from my doctor). I knew that I wanted to keep my legs and core strong to help with delivery! 
One thing that I’ve learned through my journey, is that I have to take care of ME first. If I don’t, I’m not as good of a wife, teacher, or mom (both to our dog, Lola or this sweet baby!). 
After our baby comes and I’m cleared to exercise, my plan is to ease back in with my postpartum workouts and keep my nutrition clean. Having a game plan is helping to keep me accountable. I know that the baby weight won’t magically fall off and it will take work…but I’m honored to be a mom and want to show our baby girl about taking care of her. Maybe it’s that I’m pregnant with a girl, but I feel like I need to be her role model for healthy living. My husband and I have talked about this a lot and want to make sure we show our kids about being active and eating healthy. Do we still love to eat out? Yes… But we want to teach our kids about balance! 
Thanks again to Kristina for letting me post a little about my journey!

Staying Wild But Staying Open

M and I have loved learning about The Wild Diet and have both been very happy with our results and how we feel while on it. However, we try to stay conscious of other ways of finding health and happiness and understand that what works for us may not be what works for you. (On a side note that is another reason I enjoy Abel James so much as his podcasts are all about listening to new viewpoints even ones that may go against his current beliefs about heath and food). So while we are happy eating a clean eating, higher (quality) fat, more meat and vegetable based diet currently doesn’t meant that’s the end all to be all of diets. I have friends that have really enjoyed the Herbalife plan, 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, Atkins, Weight Watchers and more. I think the only thing that we can say universally is to listen to what your body tells you. If fat makes you feel yucky cut it out. If bread makes you feel yucky cut back. If you can’t live a happy life without bread then don’t eliminate it from your life it will never work for you. Find the balance between what you can be happy doing and what your body is happy and healthy with. There is “science” on both ends of the spectrum some of it valid science some of it needs more research etc. so work with your body to find what suits you. There is no one diet that fits all; each body reacts and processes foods differently. So with that being said I am super excited to introduce my first guest blogger here at the KKA (sounds so fancy doesn’t it?). 

This week sometime you will see a post from my good friend Krystyna who has been a BeachBody coach for over a year now and is a Shakeology enthusiast. She will tell us all about pregnancy (as she is 37 weeks pregnant) and her journey to health. Stay tuned!

Check back soon for a special guest blog post from my friend Krystyna!

Falling In Love With Fall

The view outside my living room window today
Today is perfect. The grass is still mostly green but is now sprinkled with crispy orange leaves. A squirrel gathers foods and jumps joyfully in my front yard. The windows are open and a warm breeze gently moves the curtains. A cricket chirps in the background and my favorite 90’s country radio plays softly on Pandora. An apple scented candle fills the house with the smell of fall. Two boys are laughing and playing baseball in the yard across the street. I honestly couldn’t have created a more perfect fall day myself. Unfortunately perfect days are so fleeting, especially in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota. I believe tomorrows forecast calls for a high of 47 degrees with clouds and cold rain. But I’m sure that is one of the reasons we appreciate perfect days so much in the first place.

I’ve been busy cleaning and organizing today. I took one day off last week and started and needed one day off this week to finish up. I would do it on the weekends but we are of course busy doing other things. Since returning from Nebraska I’ve been to the cities to visit my sister and nieces and my mom. Mitch has been away for work all last week. And just this past weekend we went to Paracon at the casino with my best friend’s parents (who are basically my other parents). I’ve also been busy subbing and prepping/cooking Wild Diet recipes. But I’ve been tired of neglecting the blog so I am taking a couple hours of my day today to update!

A fall day in North Dakota

I recently made a double batch of Wild Diet peanut butter cookies. They are always nice to have in the freezer when you need a quick sweet treat.

I finally got all the ingredients required to make the coffee cake in The Wild Diet cookbook. OMG it was freakin’ delicious. Can’t wait to make this for M.

Paige is getting so big I can’t believe it. Kids grow up too fast and they don’t even realize it. 

What a great weekend for me and my other dad. I’m so glad we could do this together.

I’m incredibly blessed to have so many awesome people in my life. My cup runneth over. 

Now for an update on the food side of life: Things have been up and down as our schedules have us away from our controlled environment. It’s pretty crazy how after switching to clean eating and cutting out all processed food we suddenly can listen to our bodies so much better than before. We can easily tell the difference between energy levels, sleep, and over all feeling when we eat good things versus the icky processed stuff. And if you aren’t cooking it yourself it can be quite hard to find a reasonable alternative out to eat. Sadly, the organic restaurant in town closed suddenly two weeks ago which was always our go to if I didn’t feel like cooking but we wanted to stick to grass-fed/organic/sprouted-grains type of food.

Although progress has been a bit slower lately for both of us we are still making progress and that’s nothing to complain about. Currently M is down almost 30 pounds and I’m at about 20. In terms of fertility I have had two natural periods since starting the wild diet seven weeks ago. The first time it happened I expected that as any time I’ve ever started a diet that usually happens but for the second one to come in what is considered a “normal” cycle length was shocking to me. That’s the first time that has ever happened for me. We have decided to wait on medical intervention until 2017 both for insurance/money reasons and because maybe we can do this on our own?

I think I’ll go finish up the rest of my cleaning and then boil some eggs for lunches this week. I’m sure it’ll be a week or so until I can jump on again. My mom is coming to our house this weekend to help with some outside chores before the ground freezes. Until next time.