Staying Wild But Staying Open

M and I have loved learning about The Wild Diet and have both been very happy with our results and how we feel while on it. However, we try to stay conscious of other ways of finding health and happiness and understand that what works for us may not be what works for you. (On a side note that is another reason I enjoy Abel James so much as his podcasts are all about listening to new viewpoints even ones that may go against his current beliefs about heath and food). So while we are happy eating a clean eating, higher (quality) fat, more meat and vegetable based diet currently doesn’t meant that’s the end all to be all of diets. I have friends that have really enjoyed the Herbalife plan, 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, Atkins, Weight Watchers and more. I think the only thing that we can say universally is to listen to what your body tells you. If fat makes you feel yucky cut it out. If bread makes you feel yucky cut back. If you can’t live a happy life without bread then don’t eliminate it from your life it will never work for you. Find the balance between what you can be happy doing and what your body is happy and healthy with. There is “science” on both ends of the spectrum some of it valid science some of it needs more research etc. so work with your body to find what suits you. There is no one diet that fits all; each body reacts and processes foods differently. So with that being said I am super excited to introduce my first guest blogger here at the KKA (sounds so fancy doesn’t it?). 

This week sometime you will see a post from my good friend Krystyna who has been a BeachBody coach for over a year now and is a Shakeology enthusiast. She will tell us all about pregnancy (as she is 37 weeks pregnant) and her journey to health. Stay tuned!

Check back soon for a special guest blog post from my friend Krystyna!

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