The Baker’s Dozen

Last weekend besides caring for animals I spent the rest of the time in the kitchen baking and cooking. I actually hate baking and more likely than not I burn it. I set the timer for the required amount and when it goes off and I check it and decide it needs just a few more minutes (because baking feels so precise to me) I go back to what I was doing telling myself, “don’t forget!” and of course I forget. Most of my baking ends with me smelling whatever I was baking or hearing the oven click (it does that when it’s on) and me jumping up saying, “oh shit!”. 

Since we started The Wild Diet I don’t snack much at all anymore. I was always a chronic grazer and perfered snacks over meals most days. Now my snacks are usually just a piece of fruit or the occasional handful of nuts. But that is why I really enjoy having dessert these days. The Wild Diet has a lot of tasty desserts that we like. So I made some pumpkin bread, carrot cake, coffee cake, and cookies. The pumpkin bread is wonderful I’m glad I made two loafs of that, one for now one I froze for later. The carrot cake wasn’t my favorite but I can’t quite put my finger on why though. Maybe I’m just too used to what used to be carrot cake. You know the boxed kind with a few nibbles of dehydrated carrots? But M and his parents all enjoyed it. The coffee cake is definitely my favorite of the baked goods so far. And the cookies are so  convienent when you store them in the freezer to be eaten whenever. 

Carrot cake featured in The Wild Diet

Recently I’ve tried some new cooking recipes. Some were family recipes that I just substituted ingridients to make them Wild Diet friendly. We’ve had meatloaf, tried a new version of mashed cauliflower (this time I added some Parmesan in the blender and that pumped them up a lot I thought), made a cauliflower crust pizza with homemade Wild Diet friendly pizza sauce and uncured nitrate and nitrite free pepperoni. 

I’ve also attempted to soak and roast my own almonds but I don’t think those turned out as they were supposed to. The instructions said to dehydrate them in the oven at 125 F but the lowest my oven goes is 170. They’re edible, but the consistency is not quite right. 

I also made this avocado dressing over roasted veggies salad that I saw on a Tasty video. Each thing independently was flavorful and tasty but together they did not marry well. I also like to have a variety of textures in my meals and this got a bit mushy for me. 

We still have Morey’s Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon once a week because it’s such a quick and easy meal. The same goes for suasage and peppers/onions. We continue to drink a collection of different organic teas and fatty coffee with mct oil. On some busy days we do breakfast for supper like scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Or Wild Diet friendly protein cakes with butter and a small dollop of honey. 

I tried making homemade Wild Diet friendly ranch but that was not what I was hoping it would be. Over the years on different diets I’ve tried creating a more healthy alternative to the addicting watery like restaurant ranch that I’ve been addicted to all my life. Seriously, I used to put ranch on everything…pizza, burgers, fries, wraps, veggies, chicken, any sandwich, chips, meatballs etc. But the alternatives have always been a no go for me. I guess I’ll just have to save it for free meals because I’m done trying to recreate an acceptable alternative. 

And those are some of the things I’ve been up to in the kitchen lately. Do you have any recipes you’d like to share with us? If so, please comment and let us know!


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