The Dog And Cat Life

And then one day your life was different forever. Big chances can take a while to achieve and you can work hard at them for a long time. Kind of like this healthful and conception journey I’m on. Other times though it’s just something that happens in an instant. That’s kind of what happened to us last week. We went to the pet shelter kind of impulsively and wound up coming up with a foster dog and a brand new kitten that we adopted. 

He’s definitely a cuddle bug!
And a cutie pie
It took a thousand pictures to finally get one where it wasn’t blurry because she was running around
“Mom, can kitty come play now??”
She loves to snuggle ❤

I have been busy caring for these high needs fur babies. Stewie is an 8 year old Pom-Chow mix who has a little dog bladder and needs to go out way more often than we are used to with Jackson. And my poor Snickers (that’s the name she came with) kitten has some pretty foul bathroom issues right now due to an overgrowth of bacteria in her stool. That has been an unpleasant smelling mess to say the least. And Jackson is Jackson…sweet and annoying. I wonder if life with human kids is similar to life with pets in the fact that you want to kill them most of the time but at the end of the day they are just too darn cute? 


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