A Bad Case of the DOMS

I had a hell of a time recovering from last weeks work out. I mean I had a very severe case of the DOMS (I googled my aches and found out it’s common and has an acronym. Delayed onset muscle soreness.) the next morning. I was in so much pain that I had a hard time sitting down on the toilet because my legs were so sore from all the squatting I had done the night before. I bought some CoQ10 as I had read that it helps to speed up the recovery from exercise. I also made sure to try and get good sleep because I know that is when your muscles actually recover, heal, and get stronger. I kept hydrated with a lot of water. And still the pain was crazy. I’m embarrassed to tell you how out of shape I’m in. I even did some active recovery in the form of a walk downtown (whilst also catching Pokemon) :). And after taking the CoQ10 on day two I did start feeling better (i.e. going to the bathroom without feeling a million years old).

After picking up my supplement at the vitamin store downtown I took a lovely walk downtown. Half of the time I enjoyed the beautiful sights and the other half I took advantage of all the Pokestops in the downtown area. Hey, I never said I was cool.

Luckily, I heard my mom telling my sister a story about a man she works with. He is an active exercise enthusiast and had a very similar story to mine last week. I felt a bit better knowing that this DOMS business can happen to regulars as well as out-of-shape newbies.

Today was the first time I both felt good enough and had the opportunity to get in a work out other than a walk. I did the 21 Day Fix Upper Fix video. A lot less squatting (obviously it’s focus was on the arms and upper body) and even if my arms are crazy sore tomorrow I can avoid lifting things and it shouldn’t bother me too much. Plusnow that I have CoQ10 I can start taking it right away which I do really feel helped in the recovery phase. I also had a Shakeology after my workout tonight. I had another chocolate, peanut butter, banana one that made me look forward to doing the workout so I could reward myself with one of those bad boys.

Anyone else dealing with doms? How do you recover? Let us know!


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