The Mother Of All Posts 

I spent the past weekend in the Twin Cities with my mother. It was opening deer hunting weekend in Minnesota so M and Jackson we’re gone with friends.  I took Stewie and kitty with me. Mom and I had a lovely weekend relaxing and eating. Friday evening I got in town just in time to say a quick hello to my darling nieces.

Lover her smile face! I never met a child who loved animals so much as this one does. Also, she gave me the greatest hug of my life this weekend. She literally ran into my arms, threw her arms around my neck, and rested her head on my shoulder and hugged me for over a full two minutes. I hope to never forget that hug even when she’s grown up.
Then my older sister and I met my mom at a local bar where we enjoyed apps and taps while gossiping about the rest of the family (because that’s what family does) all while listening to some truly terrible karaoke candidates. It was a great time. Sissy had a work commitment so it was just momma and I the rest of the weekend. We hung some new curtains in her apartment (the picture in the featured image at the top) and we set records all over the region for high temperature so we had all the windows open enjoying the crazy unusual weather. My mom has had her own fair share of success in the weight loss department and so being that we had Leeann Chin for lunch (yum!) we decided to go for a nice long walk with our puppies and explore some parks in the area. The first one was kind of a bust of a city park but the second one was part of this whole big trail that is like 50 miles long and goes in and out of parks and all these insanely beautiful places. We walked the part near the golf course of Theodore Wirth Park. After our walk we drove around the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway system and we highly recommend this. Scenic is dead on in this case. The leaves were falling like snowflakes from the sky. And we seriously couldn’t stop talking about the weather.

My mom and Archie…if you don’t look to closely you’d never tell that he’s 12 years old.
Loving loving loving this weather we are having!
We had Chinese for lunch which we tried to balance with a walk. For supper we ended up eating at Perkins because we were too tired to cook. I came so so close to ordering a cranberry Sprite drink. I was very thirsty because I didn’t really like the flavor of my mom’s tap water and we didn’t’ stop anywhere else to grab a jug of water. But I didn’t order it. I ordered water. I wanted to order something delicious and was torn between the blt sandwich with french fries (and ranch of course) or the honey mustard chicken crunch salad. I decided to call the ranch and the honey mustard dressing equally bad. And decided the fried breaded chicken was comparable to the non-sprouted thick cut bread. There were way more veggies in the salad and no fries. So I settled on the salad, skipped the cheese, added green pepper, and avocado. It was quite yummy and I was satisfied with my decision.

Unfortunately Sunday had no successes food wise to speak of. But I shook it off today and got up and had my fatty coffee for breakfast. I fasted for lunch and had a delicious beef and broccoli supper. I had planned on making white cauliflower rice for a base but sadly the bag of cauliflower did not last the weekend and was mushy and gross and not edible. So I just ate it without and it was still very good. All I did was switch out a few ingredients from a recipe I’ve had for awhile and it tasted just the same if not better.

Wild Diet approved Beef and Broccoli
We recently had Wild Diet chili which was really quite good too. It had a whole bunch of fresh veggies, stew meat, ground beef, and some simple seasonings, broth, and tomatoes. It came together beautiful and deliciously. We only sampled a couple bites and froze it to take out and toss in a crock pot for a cold winter day. At which point we will boil a sweet potato, mash it, and drop it on top (which was recommended in the book). I’ll let you know the final verdict when we get there!


Look at all these beautiful veggies!




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