Winter Is Coming

Okay while that may be the obvious Game of Thrones quote it’s actually true for us mid-westerners this past week! We had our first taste of winter with brutal winds and cold air along with some (or a lot depending on where you live) snow! I love the first snow fall, it suddenly makes everything seem so magical.

The holidays have always been my favorite time of year. I have so many warm happy memories of this time of year when I was child and it’s always stuck with me. When I got older the  holidays always meant my family getting together again. I was only in 5th grade when my older sister moved out and went to college, and 8th grade when my brother did. So for me that meant siblings coming home and having a full house again. This year M and I will host Thanksgiving at our house and the weekend after we head to my sister’s house for our Christmas celebration. December just makes me happy (stressed too, I’m not immune to the rush and bustle of it all). It’s one of the reasons we got married in December. With three weekends in a row of family get togethers I’m starting to freak out about everything that needs to get done. The planning, the shopping, the time off work (not paid for either M or I, one drawback of the type of work we do), the travel ahh! But we’ll get rewarded with food so good you only get to eat it once a year, alcohol to make awkward family moments funny, and memories to last through the years.

As I think on what I’m thankful for, the amount of things to list are endless. My friends and family are having and adopting babies left and right, some are getting engaged, some are moving into houses, some have found that special someone…I’m thankful for their happiness and excited for all these developments. And I’m really thankful that Mitch went to Florida, which gave me time watch a lot more tv, which led me to watch a diet series on ABC randomly, which showed me how amazing The Wild Diet is, which made me feel motivated and capable, which has helped on our fertility journey, which is what our goal has been the whole year! And I’m thankful that through all the ups and downs of the past year I’ve had M at my side to challenge me and support me.


Messy hair don’t care. But seriously love her and love living in the same town as her. We took this picture after spending the day making freezer meals for our friends’ new baby.

We had a ton of fun making delicious recipes. This one is a pork tenderloin with sweet potato, apple, and pear freezer meal. We were more than a little jealous and hungry after doing these. 🙂

Remember when I decided to save the chili in the freezer until the first wintry day? Friday was our cold snow storm day so we made sure to have that in the slow cooker during the day. Then I boiled and mashed some sweet potato to put on top and I kid you not it was the best chili I’ve ever made. It was perfect especially with a side of grilled cheese and veggies. We had leftovers for lunch the next day too. 

Isn’t the plating beautiful? That’s all the handy work of my hubby. I was impressed! Just a light snack of tomatoes drizzled with evoo, s&p, and mozzarella. 

We’ve been making and eating a lot of salads lately. This one we made with chicken, tomatoes, mixed greens, almonds, evoo, and balsamic vinegar. 

We went to Panera today and had this lovely lunch of a Green Goddess salad. It was news to me that you could sub the baguette for an apple so that was a nice surprise. The acorn squash soup we thought would be acceptable after M looked it up online. Then after we sat down I looked it up as well and found very different information. As my info came directly from the Panera website that’s the one we trusted and after looking at it decided we probably shouldn’t have ordered it but oh well. We’ll just chalk it up to a learning curve. But boy was everything sure delicious!  

Here are the protein cakes topped with some raw local honey that we enjoy most weekends. Head to the recipe tab to make this one yourself!


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