I’ve Neglected But I Haven’t Forgotten

It’s a busy time of year for us and for pretty much everyone I know. Holiday parties, 5 birthdays, our anniversary, family functions, baby showers and a baptism, and everyday life have us going full speed right now. I’ve started four blog posts in the past month but just haven’t had the time to finish or publish them! Now they seem too irrelevant to post a few weeks later.

Let’s just do a picture recap to give you the basics.

This was our second year hosting Thanksgiving. The cooking was much less stressful this year but I still couldn’t pull it off without my mother. We had a huge internet failure which made watching the Vikings game nearly impossible but the way they’ve been playing it’s a waste of good time anyway!

Merry Christmas from my side of the family! Look at all my babies! I don’t want to brag too much but I have the worlds greatest nieces and nephew! I love their personalities so much, they’re pretty much the funniest people I know.

Another birthday girl rockin’ her Batman jammies!

Another one turns one! We now have a 6 year old niece, a 4 year old niece, a 2 year old nephew, and two 1 year old nieces!

Guess who got adopted!? That’s right Stewie did and to the perfect home! What an experience that was. We sure miss him but knowing he’s so happy in his new home helps a lot.

Our friends adopted their first baby and he is the most precious thing ever!

We’ve been attempting to celebrate my father-in-laws retirement basically all year it seems but we finally had some time to give a proper party (minus Mike and Ashley) over family Christmas weekend. In the past couple of years I’ve really grown to love craft beer. I’ve enjoyed a lot of that over the past month with all the celebrations and as much as I’m looking forward to being back on the good eating I really will miss the tasty beer.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary by going out to eat at Granite City and having some amazing beer and this maple bacon flat bread that is heavenly. We also had fried pickles and cupcakes earlier in the day. I’m telling you I’ve eaten every naughty food imaginable in the past month.

One of my best friends from grade school had her first baby. I’ve been really lucky to have spent so much time with her over the past few weeks. She is such a good baby! This was taken at her baptism.

One of my best friends just finished up an intense three month long schooling down in Texas. She is now a highly qualified dog trainer and will be moving to Minneapolis in a few days. Last weekend I stayed with her and it was just us girls. We ended up finishing multiple bottles of wine in celebration and then I binged on homemade caramel puff corn. It was a super fun night but that headache the next…oh boy it was killer!

During that wine night I was telling you about we planned a surprise party for Daniel whose birthday is always overshadowed by Christmas. The party and surprise all went amazingly. Again I had more beer and a spinach dip I could write poems about. How many people can still say they are best friends with people they met as 10 year olds!? Well we still can, only wish the rest of the group could be there too!

M and I are leaving very soon for our first trip out to Virginia. We had originally decided not to foster anymore dogs until we got back. But after seeing her online I couldn’t resist bringing her home for Christmas. This is Crackers a 7 year old Shepard mix who is the most gentle dog I have ever ever known. We have loved watching her become more and more comfortable here. She has some potential adopters waiting to meet her in a few days. M and I wish we could have had her longer. She has been such a pleasure to have and we are so happy we decided to break our agreement of waiting until after our trip!

M and I on Christmas Eve before church. Back in 2011 when M and I were broken up I took a risk and left my whole family and spent my entire winter vacation (and spent all of my graduation money on the plane ticket!) in Alaska. It’s safe to say my family was less than impressed with my choice at the time. However I just knew that trip was right for me and for us. We spent the most cozy week in M’s teeny tiny apartment. We explored the dark frozen landscape as much as we could. When Christmas Eve came we were all alone of course with no family to celebrate with. We decided to order Chinese takeout and that has been our Xmas eve tradition ever since. This picture was right before church and our Chinese meal.

In my family Christmas Day always meant monkey bread for breakfast! We continue to keep that tradition alive.

He was sooo excited to open his stocking from Santa yesterday!

We’ve had an enormous amount of holiday food this year. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been in the Wild Diet this fall and it seems like we’ve eaten more than usual or if it’s always been this much food and we never really realized it until now or what. I’m embarrassed to say all that we’ve had but the point of the blog is to be honest and accountable so here goes… we’ve had: turkey, ham, prime rib, deep fried shrimp, cheesey potatoes, cream cheese jello pretzel salad, cheese cake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cupcakes, cookies, beer, wine, and cocktails, breads, dips, pizzas, chips, popcorn, French fries, and cheeses to name a few. Also we’ve had doubles of almost all of these foods like prime rib two weekends in a row for example. It has been straight up gluttonous. Today we are back to Wild Diet ways until Virginia.