The Kitten Runs This House

I knew getting a kitten was trouble. I specifically went to the shelter looking for an adult cat because I had images of my brothers new kitten Wink flashing through my mind. He would bite and scratch and wake me up in the middle of the night. And I thought to myself, “noooo thank you.” But there I stood that day in a room full of beautiful calm adult cats and I went home with the one kitten they had. She stole my heart in two seconds with her head butts against the cage, soft mews, and her tiny black paw batting through the bars to hold my hand. Hook. Line. Sinker. 

Now a few short months later and I’m pulling my hair trying to kitten proof the house. Currently I am down one set of my brand new fancy blinds (that one hurt the most I loved those blinds), two plates, a bed skirt and I am up about 50 grey hairs. Last Sunday M called me scar face because of an accidental face ripping incident she did to me. She’s so dang curious about everything and cords especially are like crack to her. We did all the wrong things first like water bottle squirts at her, yelling no, and pushing her off things she wasn’t supposed to be on. None of it worked so I bought a book on how to raise a well adjusted cat. The advice is great but it’s time consuming and expensive not to mention pushes all of our patience (I’m including the dog because he’s received quite a few love bites from her too). Tonight I bought 12 placemates and a truck load of double sided tape to create sticky pads to be placed on all counter tops and table tops. I have sticky paws tape all over the furniture and even the walls where the cords hang. There is bitter spray on the plants because she was eating them and bitter spray on my lamp cord and iPhone charger. There are pillows and blankets shoved in every crack on top and on the side of the couch to prevent her from running behind the couch to sharpen her claws. We also just purchased a $65 cat tree and a window shelf for her to climb appropriate things. We are really hoping all of these things help her help us keep our sanity and belongings nice. 

But at the end of the day she still knows how to pull our heartstrings. Even as I write this post guess who’s curled up purring on my chest? Guess who sleeps right between us everynight? We can’t help but be smitten with this frustrating kitten. 


Happy Anniversary To Me

I made my very first blog post a year ago today! I honestly thought I would have lost steam as the year went on and by this time wouldn’t even remember that I had started one. But that’s not the case I’m happy to say. 

Happy happy happy

While I don’t believe that true health or wellness can be define by numbers I am going to write them for the accountability factor. 

In 2016 I wrote 64 blog posts, lost 36 pounds, went down about 2 dress sizes, and was thankful for one very supportive husband. I learned a whole bunch and was constantly reminded that time goes by so fast, and that big change is done in thousands of small moments. I’m planning on doing even better in 2017! And whether you’ve been here reading and watching from day one or you just started the other day I want to thank you for keeping me motivated, inspired, and accountable. It has truly meant the world to me. 

Feelin the Vegan

I’ll just jump straight into the discussion and say that I’m still nutritionally conflicted about animal products. Some health experts and scientists say that the nutrients found in animal products are not only beneficial but necessary. Others argue that humans weren’t meant to eat much of any meat let alone the nutrient dense milk of other animals past infancy. But putting all of that aside for right now including the ethical issue some have there is one thing that is pretty dang clear. The consumption of animal products has had a huge detrimental impact on our environment. And while I still continue to do my homework on animal products’ health benefits I do want to try and get a feel for what it’s like to be vegan or eat a vegan meal for the environmentalist in me. 

Don’t get me wrong the change seems overwhelmingly impossible. I like meat. But I honestly think I could live without it. The thought of living without milk, cheese, butter, and eggs however seems like asking a fish not to swim. I was raised on a diet of those staples. Then you throw in the fact that I’m trying to be soy free as well because it messes with my already messy hormones and I sit wondering what’s left to eat. But I want to try and do my share to help protect the earth. Do I think I’ll ever be able to do full vegan? Probably not. I’m not that idealistic (or maybe I’m just being realistic) because if nothing else I also cook for my husband as well who thinks it’s downright impossible to give all that up. But I do think I could work my way up to 50% and hopefully inspire others to give it a try as well.

So anyways, here is my first vegan meal. Now it’s not Wild Diet because the waffles are whole grain and not sprouted but everything else was. I had topped the waffles with organic peanut butter and organic orange flower honey. I had organic blueberries (which I actually think taste way better) and blackberries with a side of unsweetened cashew milk. And it was a great super delicious meal! 

This was just a test run really though. I want to get fully back into the swing of the Wild Diet before I make life even harder for myself. But I’m happy to know that it can be done.

Anyone out there vegan? Can you send me some soy free, sprouted or ancient grain, vegan recipes?

Bachelor Party Of One

Today is Monday which is typically a bummer for most as it is the start of the work week. Now that January is here I love Mondays, thanks to The Bachelor. There aren’t a lot of drama filled reality shows that I enjoy or at least should say let myself get hooked on but I can’t help but get sucked into it with The Bachelor. I also really love the fact that it is a show that I share with my sisters-in-law. Both Ayla and Ashley have watched the show from the beginning and are big fans. Last spring I got to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette with Ayla and just last week I got to watch th season premiere with Ashley. Of course you can’t watch such a show without some popcorn and wine (Olivia Pope style as my older sister calls it :). 

Bachelor watching staples: wine & popcorn!

Can all of life just be viewed through this Snapchat filter!?

This week I am sadly back at home and back to watching it by myself. And of course now that we are back on The Wild Diet I’ll have to pass on the wine and just do good ol’ H2O instead (but still drink it from my wine glass from Ashley) and make sort of Wild Diet friendly popcorn made with unrefined peanut oil or coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and a dash of sea salt. 

Earlier today I got in a quality lunch date with Rachel and Leah and sweet Brayden. I ordered a bunless cheeseless burger (which was actually on the menu) with fresh carrots and celery. I ate some ranch and mayo which I know both contain soy but I’m giving myself a pass. It feels like we are starting over from square one again. Luckily the scale still reads what it did pre-holidays and I am pleased with that. We are trying our best to stay at home these next few months to give some routine a chance to form which makes planning and prepping a hell of a lot easier. 

He’s the sweetest chillest cutest little boy I know!

Happy Monday everybody!

Virginia Is For Lovers

Annnnd 2017 is now underway! I’ve been excited to write this post. I wanted to wait until after our trip out to Virginia because first of all I just didn’t have the time before the trip. And secondly then I could post a bunch of pictures from the trip. I read a book on vacation about this woman in her late forties sad with life because she had no true passions that were just for her. In the past year while making this blog I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy taking pictures and editing them to show how the colors appeared in real life. I’m by no means a photographer and it’s not anything that will make me money or something like that but it is a hobby that I love to do and that’s good enough for me. 

I love the blue tones that pop in this picture. I especially love the way the rock looks, it reminds me of the driveway that was at my grandparents house. In this picture I am standing in Mike & Ashley’s driveway getting ready for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In the previous post I wrote what our goals for 2017 are; to save money, redo the basement, and continue to lose more weight. Our week in Virginia actually backtracked us on a couple of those goals but it was definitely worth it haha! 

What country cookin’ and eatin’ looked like for us! We ate SO much food and drank a lot too but honestly we didn’t care one bit. That’s what vacations are for in our book. My favorites were sweet potato pie, biscuits and gravy with country ham, and M’s favorites were the hotdogs and smoked ham.
A beautiful view from Lovers Leap. Lovers Leap got its name from a long ago Romeo and Juliet style love story of a Native American chiefs daughter and a white settlers son who fell in love but could never be together. They decided they’d rather die together than live apart so they went to the top of this mountain and jumped off hand in hand.

The state slogan of Virginia is for Lovers is named so because of all the amazing things you can do here. Originally they had many different slogans like Virginia is for mountain lovers, Virginia is for beach lovers, etc but they eventually decided that it was too exclusive and just went for Virginia is for lovers. 

Such natural beauty all around us even in the wintertime. Speaking of winter did I mention they had a snowstorm when we first arrived? Ashley said it was some of the most snow she’s ever seen at once for Virginia! 

The snow made for some dangerous travel conditions but showed off the bright red cardinals quite well. 🙂

 Now we are back home to our own snowy landscape getting ready for a return to a post holiday post vacation lifestyle.
Sunset in North Dakota after picking up all our animals.

Last One 

I have a little less than 45 minutes to write one last post for 2016. Currently I’m at a hotel in Marshall, MN surrounded by all five of my nieces and nephew and Jackson. We are in town for a wedding and I volunteered to stay back from the reception to take care of all the babies. I’m sitting in the dark with a lullaby machine playing and the gentle (and some not so gentle haha) snores of the kids as background music.

No place I’d rather be more than here with these crazy kids. #auntielife

What a year…I’ve learned so much about food and nutrition, more so than I ever have before. I’ve learned how to listen to my body. I’ve learned how much the PCOS truly affects me. I’ve learned how to have more patience with myself. And I’ve learned how much I love blogging. I’m so happy I started this and continued to keep it updated as much as possible. Thank you to those of you that check in and read it, it means the world to me! 

M and I had a big talk on the drive down about our goals for 2017. We came to the mutual decision to hold off on medical intervention with the fertility for this year. We decided that we both want to lose more weight first, redo the basement, and save more money. If we get pregnant we are taking it as a sign that it was all meant to be but we won’t be tracking or trying like we did this year. We both feel really good about this new plan and I’m excited to get to work on it right away. 

Happy New Years people! Hope you are all safe and happy. Can’t wait to start my first blog post in 2017! 

Not our best but it sure was festive 🙂