Last One 

I have a little less than 45 minutes to write one last post for 2016. Currently I’m at a hotel in Marshall, MN surrounded by all five of my nieces and nephew and Jackson. We are in town for a wedding and I volunteered to stay back from the reception to take care of all the babies. I’m sitting in the dark with a lullaby machine playing and the gentle (and some not so gentle haha) snores of the kids as background music.

No place I’d rather be more than here with these crazy kids. #auntielife

What a year…I’ve learned so much about food and nutrition, more so than I ever have before. I’ve learned how to listen to my body. I’ve learned how much the PCOS truly affects me. I’ve learned how to have more patience with myself. And I’ve learned how much I love blogging. I’m so happy I started this and continued to keep it updated as much as possible. Thank you to those of you that check in and read it, it means the world to me! 

M and I had a big talk on the drive down about our goals for 2017. We came to the mutual decision to hold off on medical intervention with the fertility for this year. We decided that we both want to lose more weight first, redo the basement, and save more money. If we get pregnant we are taking it as a sign that it was all meant to be but we won’t be tracking or trying like we did this year. We both feel really good about this new plan and I’m excited to get to work on it right away. 

Happy New Years people! Hope you are all safe and happy. Can’t wait to start my first blog post in 2017! 

Not our best but it sure was festive 🙂

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