Virginia Is For Lovers

Annnnd 2017 is now underway! I’ve been excited to write this post. I wanted to wait until after our trip out to Virginia because first of all I just didn’t have the time before the trip. And secondly then I could post a bunch of pictures from the trip. I read a book on vacation about this woman in her late forties sad with life because she had no true passions that were just for her. In the past year while making this blog I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy taking pictures and editing them to show how the colors appeared in real life. I’m by no means a photographer and it’s not anything that will make me money or something like that but it is a hobby that I love to do and that’s good enough for me. 

I love the blue tones that pop in this picture. I especially love the way the rock looks, it reminds me of the driveway that was at my grandparents house. In this picture I am standing in Mike & Ashley’s driveway getting ready for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In the previous post I wrote what our goals for 2017 are; to save money, redo the basement, and continue to lose more weight. Our week in Virginia actually backtracked us on a couple of those goals but it was definitely worth it haha! 

What country cookin’ and eatin’ looked like for us! We ate SO much food and drank a lot too but honestly we didn’t care one bit. That’s what vacations are for in our book. My favorites were sweet potato pie, biscuits and gravy with country ham, and M’s favorites were the hotdogs and smoked ham.
A beautiful view from Lovers Leap. Lovers Leap got its name from a long ago Romeo and Juliet style love story of a Native American chiefs daughter and a white settlers son who fell in love but could never be together. They decided they’d rather die together than live apart so they went to the top of this mountain and jumped off hand in hand.

The state slogan of Virginia is for Lovers is named so because of all the amazing things you can do here. Originally they had many different slogans like Virginia is for mountain lovers, Virginia is for beach lovers, etc but they eventually decided that it was too exclusive and just went for Virginia is for lovers. 

Such natural beauty all around us even in the wintertime. Speaking of winter did I mention they had a snowstorm when we first arrived? Ashley said it was some of the most snow she’s ever seen at once for Virginia! 

The snow made for some dangerous travel conditions but showed off the bright red cardinals quite well. 🙂

 Now we are back home to our own snowy landscape getting ready for a return to a post holiday post vacation lifestyle.
Sunset in North Dakota after picking up all our animals.


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