Bachelor Party Of One

Today is Monday which is typically a bummer for most as it is the start of the work week. Now that January is here I love Mondays, thanks to The Bachelor. There aren’t a lot of drama filled reality shows that I enjoy or at least should say let myself get hooked on but I can’t help but get sucked into it with The Bachelor. I also really love the fact that it is a show that I share with my sisters-in-law. Both Ayla and Ashley have watched the show from the beginning and are big fans. Last spring I got to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette with Ayla and just last week I got to watch th season premiere with Ashley. Of course you can’t watch such a show without some popcorn and wine (Olivia Pope style as my older sister calls it :). 

Bachelor watching staples: wine & popcorn!

Can all of life just be viewed through this Snapchat filter!?

This week I am sadly back at home and back to watching it by myself. And of course now that we are back on The Wild Diet I’ll have to pass on the wine and just do good ol’ H2O instead (but still drink it from my wine glass from Ashley) and make sort of Wild Diet friendly popcorn made with unrefined peanut oil or coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and a dash of sea salt. 

Earlier today I got in a quality lunch date with Rachel and Leah and sweet Brayden. I ordered a bunless cheeseless burger (which was actually on the menu) with fresh carrots and celery. I ate some ranch and mayo which I know both contain soy but I’m giving myself a pass. It feels like we are starting over from square one again. Luckily the scale still reads what it did pre-holidays and I am pleased with that. We are trying our best to stay at home these next few months to give some routine a chance to form which makes planning and prepping a hell of a lot easier. 

He’s the sweetest chillest cutest little boy I know!

Happy Monday everybody!


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