Feelin the Vegan

I’ll just jump straight into the discussion and say that I’m still nutritionally conflicted about animal products. Some health experts and scientists say that the nutrients found in animal products are not only beneficial but necessary. Others argue that humans weren’t meant to eat much of any meat let alone the nutrient dense milk of other animals past infancy. But putting all of that aside for right now including the ethical issue some have there is one thing that is pretty dang clear. The consumption of animal products has had a huge detrimental impact on our environment. And while I still continue to do my homework on animal products’ health benefits I do want to try and get a feel for what it’s like to be vegan or eat a vegan meal for the environmentalist in me. 

Don’t get me wrong the change seems overwhelmingly impossible. I like meat. But I honestly think I could live without it. The thought of living without milk, cheese, butter, and eggs however seems like asking a fish not to swim. I was raised on a diet of those staples. Then you throw in the fact that I’m trying to be soy free as well because it messes with my already messy hormones and I sit wondering what’s left to eat. But I want to try and do my share to help protect the earth. Do I think I’ll ever be able to do full vegan? Probably not. I’m not that idealistic (or maybe I’m just being realistic) because if nothing else I also cook for my husband as well who thinks it’s downright impossible to give all that up. But I do think I could work my way up to 50% and hopefully inspire others to give it a try as well.

So anyways, here is my first vegan meal. Now it’s not Wild Diet because the waffles are whole grain and not sprouted but everything else was. I had topped the waffles with organic peanut butter and organic orange flower honey. I had organic blueberries (which I actually think taste way better) and blackberries with a side of unsweetened cashew milk. And it was a great super delicious meal! 

This was just a test run really though. I want to get fully back into the swing of the Wild Diet before I make life even harder for myself. But I’m happy to know that it can be done.

Anyone out there vegan? Can you send me some soy free, sprouted or ancient grain, vegan recipes?


2 thoughts on “Feelin the Vegan

  1. Love this! I agree with the internal conflict about eating animal products, I’ve been raised eating them as well and they seem impossible to give up! I’m doing the #7dayvegan challenge right now and finding it difficult; but I think it’s going to help me learn to rely less on animal products for my meals. 🙂 Feel free to check out my posts about it if you feel like it! Your waffles look super yummy!


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