The Kitten Runs This House

I knew getting a kitten was trouble. I specifically went to the shelter looking for an adult cat because I had images of my brothers new kitten Wink flashing through my mind. He would bite and scratch and wake me up in the middle of the night. And I thought to myself, “noooo thank you.” But there I stood that day in a room full of beautiful calm adult cats and I went home with the one kitten they had. She stole my heart in two seconds with her head butts against the cage, soft mews, and her tiny black paw batting through the bars to hold my hand. Hook. Line. Sinker. 

Now a few short months later and I’m pulling my hair trying to kitten proof the house. Currently I am down one set of my brand new fancy blinds (that one hurt the most I loved those blinds), two plates, a bed skirt and I am up about 50 grey hairs. Last Sunday M called me scar face because of an accidental face ripping incident she did to me. She’s so dang curious about everything and cords especially are like crack to her. We did all the wrong things first like water bottle squirts at her, yelling no, and pushing her off things she wasn’t supposed to be on. None of it worked so I bought a book on how to raise a well adjusted cat. The advice is great but it’s time consuming and expensive not to mention pushes all of our patience (I’m including the dog because he’s received quite a few love bites from her too). Tonight I bought 12 placemates and a truck load of double sided tape to create sticky pads to be placed on all counter tops and table tops. I have sticky paws tape all over the furniture and even the walls where the cords hang. There is bitter spray on the plants because she was eating them and bitter spray on my lamp cord and iPhone charger. There are pillows and blankets shoved in every crack on top and on the side of the couch to prevent her from running behind the couch to sharpen her claws. We also just purchased a $65 cat tree and a window shelf for her to climb appropriate things. We are really hoping all of these things help her help us keep our sanity and belongings nice. 

But at the end of the day she still knows how to pull our heartstrings. Even as I write this post guess who’s curled up purring on my chest? Guess who sleeps right between us everynight? We can’t help but be smitten with this frustrating kitten. 


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