The Switch

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed about all the different approaches in helping my PCOS symptoms and we aren’t even actively trying to conceive right now. But it’s obviously a goal we have in mind sooner rather than later. The more I read about and learn about a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet (I call it the WFPB for short and for fun 🙂 the more I really want to give it a try. For me I would also eliminate soy and soy products because of the hormonal high jinks it can play on your body. However WFPB will mean eating way more carbs and natural sugars than I have been on the Wild Diet. With PCOS being in part an insulin disease this worries me. But some evidence suggests that the hormones we’re eating in meat wreaks havoc on our own hormones. So perhaps I’m trading in one thing for another.

And then there’s the medication debate. I was reading a thread from an online PCOS  group about diet and supplements treatment versus medication treatments like Metformin which about 40% of those responding to the thread basically claimed it to be a miracle drug that melted their weight off and regulated their periods with ovulation. Some that said they didn’t have luck in Metformin were told by their doctors there was nothing else they could do/try. Which kind of sounded like my nurses response. Of course there are other things like Provera and Clomid to name a couple if your doctor deems them appropriate. For me though I’m of two minds. I like the medication approach because it sounds a hell of a lot easier than putting in the hard work. I would probably get pregnant faster too. But my hang up with that is I want to figure out if there’s something environmentally that I’m doing to make my PCOS so dominate. What if my daughter or my nieces are diagnosed with PCOS? I want to be able to teach them how to work with their bodies not be constantly fighting against it.I don’t just want to treat the symptoms but heal the cause.

With that said I tried the Wild Diet for 6 months. It was the first Diet I’d ever been on where it wasn’t necessarily about restriction and cutting back on food but about eating the right food (according to Abel James anyway). We got rid of basically anything processed in our house and ate a lot of meats and veggies. We lost weight and we felt a lot better and we were satisfied not hungry and crabby like when we were doing Weight Watchers (mostly we hated all the effort to constantly count points).  While on the Wild Diet I had three regular periods which was a big improvement but still I wasn’t ovulating and my PCOS symptoms appeared to remain the same.

Starting February 27th we will be switching to whole-foods plant based without oils or soy. It is a very starch and carb heavy diet. This is a huge 180 from the low-carb mantra I’ve been told my whole life. I will admit it makes me quite nervous. I don’t want to gain the weight I’ve just lost. I’m also leery about cooking without oil. How will I do this? I’ve been using oils to cook, saute, and garnish with my entire adult life. Still this is something I really want to give a try. They say food can heal you if you eat the right foods. I’m very hopeful that I will finally have found the right foods for me.

Finishing eating up the last of our Wild Diet groceries
These zucchini noodles or “zoodles” if you will, were amazingly delicious

As we finish eating all of the pasture-raised meats in our freezer and start buying foods appropriate for our new Vegan lifestyle I think about how damn lucky I am to have a husband so willing to do this with me. I am a part of a few Facebook groups where people share their recipes and get tips and advice from each other. Commonly there are threads about people whose spouses aren’t on board and how challenging it is. While M might be reluctant about living a life without animal products he is still willing to give it a try and be supportive of me. I am thankful for that and for him.

I’ll be saying goodbye to cheese, eggs, salmon, milk, mayo, popcorn (what will I do?), steak, ranch (gosh I love ranch), veggies roasted in evoo, and many other things.

I’ll be saying hello to foods I rarely ever eat these days including rice, beans, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and hash browns.

I’ll be in touch and posting some pictures as soon as we get started. One good thing about the switch? Going out for two meals (one for him one for me) to have our “last (carnivorous) supper”. I have chosen Osaka the Japenese steak house and will be enjoying every drop of the yum yum sauce!


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