Day Two – WFPB

Thoughts/feelings: Yesterday was Monday which meant it was Bachelor night. It was only an hour long episode as opposed to its usual two and still the amount of food advertisements were unreal. Pizza, Taco Johns, McDonalds, yogurt, frozen pastas, Taco Bell, Jimmy Johns, cheese, etc. It’s a good thing we don’t have cable and don’t watch live television that often because it’s easy to see how people get cravings on their mind. It was constant! 

So far today I’m feeling ok with the plan. I had the same breakfast as yesterday and it’s very filling. Then I had a cup of lady earl grey tea at around 11:30 to hold me over until lunchtime. 


No beef and broccoli

This no beef and broccoli over brown rice was pretty good. It was my first time experimenting with the water sautéing method. Besides knocking over my container of vegetable broth all over my hot stove top it went pretty well! 🙂 The broccoli still came out tender but I did need to cook it a tish longer than when I cooked it in oil. Also next time I’ll poor the sauce over just the broccoli first and then add the rice. I’d say it was a B+ meal and has potential for improvement. 


Guess what arrived today?! My new Instant Pot! I was so excited to try this bad boy out I decided to make oatmeal just so I could use it. It was a simple steel cut oat recipe and cooked perfectly! I added some peanut butter powder, cinnamon, and berries on top. It wasn’t bad. As with every meal so far it’s going to need to be played with to make it perfect for me. Next time I’ll add some unsweetened apple sauce and maybe even a date blended with the applesauce and top it with a banana. Oh and I just thought of something else. Maybe some unsweetened cocoa powder and coconut flakes for another variety. It’s a very customizable meal.


Homemade spaghetti sauce with veggies and a side salad.

I bought brown rice pasta instead of whole wheat because I thought it looked better in the package. After making them though neither M nor I liked them very much. I ended up making a piece of toast and putting the sauce on the toast and it was much better. The sauce was very bright and fresh which again is something I think I’ll get used to as my taste buds acclimate to this new WOE. I’m used to sauces made with evoo and topped with some kind of cheese. It was hard for me to eat pasta without garlic toast (I loooove me some garlic toast) but I survived. 🙂 

Another day done. So far on this WOE food is just fine. It’s not as pleasurable as it was. We aren’t caught in the pleasure trap (it’s a real thing, look into it) of high fat foods. That’s a good thing I’m sure, just not used to that. Tomorrow I plan to make an Instant Pot chili. 


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