Day Three – WFPB

Thoughts/feelings: I’m so impressed by us! Three days with absolutely no animal products! In terms of how we feel so far M  says his digestive tract is doing great if you catch my drift. No heartburn for either of us. Other than that it’s still too early to tell the rest. 


Another Instant Pot steel cut oatmeal meal.

M loves this stuff so much. For me it’s only so so. I think I’d prefer rolled oats more and still waiting to use the food processor to blend the dates up better. It’s funny how M was the most resistant to this WOE a few months ago but he’s enjoying this food so much more than he thought.


I was busy grocery shopping today so I didn’t make a lunch and instead decided to eat up these vegan waffles from Costco. They do have some oil in them which is not allowed but we only have 4 left to eat. 

Some of the groceries I bought

On Wednesdays we go to yoga at the local Vet Center. I love doing these things with him.


How long before you get sick of me talking about cooking with the Instant Pot??

Mashed potatoes with roasted broccoli and golden gravy.

Have you ever had Yukon gold potatoes?!? I never have. We always always had red potatoes growing up and when I became an adult and started shopping on my own I would buy russet. Everyone on that Facebook group raves about yukons so I thought I’d give them a try and wow have I been missing out. They have a creamy buttery texture and flavor all without butter and cream! Loved them. The broccoli I attempted to roast in the oven without oil. I tossed in a couple tablespoons of veggie broth and garlic and sprinkled with s&p. The broccoli doesn’t get as crispy as with the oil and the flavor isn’t as deep but they are still very good. I think the key is lemon juice once they are done cooking. The acid breaks them down and brightens the flavor. The golden gravy was a little disappointing. I think the issue is that it’s made with soy sauce and since I can’t eat that I made it with coconut aminos. Coconut aminos can be used in place of soy sauce but it does have a sweetness to it that doesn’t go with the gravy. I’m not a gravy person to begin with really so I would be fine eating the potatoes plain anyway. M added some cayenne pepper and said he liked it better that way. 

We’ve been snacking on berries through each day just as an fyi. I’m a bit nervous for tomorrow. I’m leaving super early for the cities in the morning and riding with two very anti non SAD people. Then we’ll be moving Michele into her new apartment before turning around and coming back again tomorrow evening. I’m bringing some leftovers, rice cakes, fruit, a salad, and hopefully some cereal but that’s a lot of food to bring and some of it needs to be kept cool and I don’t think there will be enough room even for a mini cooler. I may have to bring some nuts to help tide me over even though they aren’t recommended for people that are looking to lose weight on this WOE. 


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