Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew?

Two things are really harshing my mellow right now. Number one: I miss crunchy foods sooo much. Soft foods have never been my thing. At least not all on their own. Number two: after just about one week doing this I feel that I could be vegan pretty easily but doing this without oil and without soy has been a struggle. I’m trying to cut myself some slack as I learn how to cook and experiment with new recipes. Logically I agree with the well peer reviewed data about oils but cripes I’d be so much happier being able to cook with it. It makes everything more flavorful and crisps a lot of foods up. But I get it that if I’m looking to lose weight I can’t be eating both high carbs and oils. 

Oil free plant base mac and cheese

I was really excited to try this mac and cheese recipe. The pictures online always look so good. Even my picture turned out prett scrumptious looking if I do say so myself. It had a gooey quality like cheese and the texture was pretty close but taste wise it was boring. 

Homemade roasted red pepper hummus

I have also been excited to try this oil free hummus recipe. It was a bit spicy for me. Next time I’d use less of the red pepper or just skip it entirely. The flavor was all right. I’m sure it would have been excellent with some evoo that would smooth and round it out. 😔 Can you tell I’m struggling? 

The plus side is that M seems to be adapting really well. I don’t want to tell him about my struggling in fear of him agreeing and saying, “ok then don’t do it.” Or worse him giving up even though he’s doing so well. 

Tomorrow I’m going to have mashed potatoes again because those really are delicious. I also bought some oil free panko so I think I’ll try to make a crispy potato ball and see if I can get some crunch in my life. 


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