The Adventurous Type

I have had the best eats this week! School is on spring break so I am down in the cities visiting people. Yesterday I spent the day with Michele and her dogs. We took them on a nice walk around downtown Minneapolis and continued to set up her new apartment. I made left over quinoa and lentil tacos for lunch and yes they were still amazing the second day. Then we walked to the nearest brewery and had a great time talking and laughing and exploring their craft beers. After that we walked to Pizza Luce for supper. We ordered vegan cheesy garlic bread which was decent. I won’t lie “regular” would have been better but still it was nice they had an option. We ordered a half and half pizza. One side was called The Rustler and the other Athena. I know I wouldn’t be adventurous enough to try The Rustler on my own because it was described as a mock duck topping with tofu. Duck anything doesn’t sound appealing to me and I’ve never eaten tofu before. I guess it just never sounded or looked appealing. Luckily I was with a friend who is willing to help push me out of comfort zones and I have to say I’m so glad she did. The pizza was crazy ridiculous good. If I were to go back (which I certainly plane to do!) as a meat eater I’d still order the vegan pizzas. I think the big difference is the flavor profile. Yes melted cheese is awesome hello that’s why we all love pizza in the first place. But if you really think about it the typical pepperoni pizza is a lot of fat (and I agree the fat tastes great) but there’s not a lot of other flavors to go off of. All day today I’ve already been day dreaming about going back to Pizza Luce. I’m a big fan.

Athena pizza
The Rustler pizza both were made with their “rinotta” sauce NOT Daiya
Rinotta garlic toast


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